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Monday, 25 October 2021

These 3 cases will keep your iPhone 13 slim, protected, and looking fantastic

Even once you've decided what type of phone you're going to pick up for your next upgrade, and you're sure that one of Apple's iPhone 13 range is right for you, choosing the right case can be a bit of a stressful experience.

You want to feel confident that you'll get the stylish looks you want and the protection to make sure that dropping your phone doesn't have to be a disaster. That's what makes Pitaka such a great choice for phone cases - it brings together the best of both worlds across a variety of options. We've picked out some of our favourite cases for you to check out below, but you can also visit the Pitaka website to see more.

MagEZ Case 2

First up, if you want something a little more substantial to protect your phone, and you're also a fan of Apple's excellent new MagSafe system, then the MagEZ Case 2 could be the case for you. 

Pitaka has refined and improved an older version of its case, making sure that it's as protective as can be and offering it in a range of classy colour options. They're also made from aramid fibre for excellent protection, and you can be confident that dropping your phone while you're out and about won't result in any lasting damage, thanks to its raised edges. Its total compatibility with MagSafe is just the icing on top.

Air Case

If you're on the search for a case that adds almost no bulk to the size and shape of your new iPhone 13, the Air Case could be the best option for you. It's appropriately named, with weights starting at 7.1g depending on the case size, which means you won't even notice that it's on your phone.

It makes for ideal protection from scratches and minor bumps while keeping the phone's design front and centre. This is a great solution if you typically leave your phone in your pocket or bag and are concerned about keys or other items leaving marks on it. The case is made from aramid fibre, a material used in aerospace industries that is super lightweight but still offers some protection.

New MagEZ Case Pro

For even more protection with a stylish design, the New MagEZ Case Pro has all the benefits of the standard case above with a few extra bonuses. It offers total phone coverage, including button covers to make sure that nothing can get through to the precious surface of your handset.

Here, Pitaka has blended slim, vacuum-formed aramid fibre with durable TPU to maintain a minimalist design with a comfortable non-slip texture that also passes military-standard drop tests. It translates to real peace of mind when you're out and about using your iPhone 13. Best of all, the superb new cameras that Apple has added to its phone are totally protected by a raised edge, keeping things clear as you take photos and video.

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