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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Blue Origin is going to build Bezos a space station

Jeff Bezos isn't just in a space phase, in case anyone was wondering - he's all in on space. That's been demonstrated one more by a new announcement from Blue Origin, which has confirmed that it's planning to build and operate its own space station in the next decade.

Blue Origin is describing it optimistically as being like a village, one where multiple businesses can co-exist and pursue their own ends in different parts of the station. In one of those parts, there will indeed be the opportunity for mega-rich tourists to soak in the views.

This all looks might ambitious, but Blue Origin is moving at a crazy pace right now, and it believes that it'll have up to 10 people housed on the station by the second half of this decade, which is really not that far off at all.

The announcement says that Orbital Reef will not only allow for new research opportunities but also "open new markets in space", which is a mighty capitalistic way of looking at the great beyond, but can hardly be a surprise given Bezos' established worldview and involvement.

You can read more detail on the announcement via Blue Origin's release on the topic, while Orbital Reef also has a website up full of concept images to demonstrate what the station might look like.

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