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Thursday, 28 October 2021

Project Cambria is Facebook's next high-end VR headset, coming next year

While at Connect 2021, Facebook's annual developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed his company has a new VR headset in the works.

Called Project Cambria, it's expected to be an upgrade to the year-old Oculus Quest 2 - but not a replacement headset. It will offer an improved mixed reality experience, complete with face and eye-tracking and more compact optics. Facebook only briefly teased Project Cambria during its Connect keynote, but it did say it packs cameras that can pass high-resolution, full-colour video to the headset's screens.

Keep in mind the Quest 2 is a second-generation, tether-free, wireless virtual reality headset. With no PC requirement, the Quest manages to offer high-end VR gaming experiences at an affordable price. It'll be interesting to see how Project Cambria improves upon it.

Facebook didn't mention a price or a release date for Project Cambria, but Zuckerberg called it a "completely new" product at the 'high end of the price spectrum". It's supposed to include next-generation features that Facebook can't yet include in the Quest range, and yet, it'll arrive in 2022.

Also at Connect, Facebook teased it's working on augmented reality glasses. It even announced a new company name for Facebook: Meta. Stay tuned to Pocket-lint's How to watch Connect guide to watch a re-cap of the event. We'll also update that page with all the major announcements.


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