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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Technology sure has shrunk over the years: Then and now in pictures

Modern technology has propelled us forward to create smaller and smaller gadgets especially since the microchip appeared. Sure phones are growing in screen size now but you'll be amazed how they are still smaller than their historical counterparts. And how much many other gadgets have shrunk too.

The last leap forward in technology downsizing was the invention of the microchip which became available in 1961, initially for military customers. Now we stand on the precipice of another such leap thanks to nanotechnology except our future will likely see devices shrink beyond that which the human eye can detect as nanomachines inevitably become used inside humans.

But for now, while the difference in size can be viewed with non-enhanced human eyes, we've collected up some of the best gadgets to shrink down. Computers have come on leaps and bounds over the years, now a slither of material that can fit in an envelope were once as big as an entire room and had less power than a basic digital watch.

Mobile phones have seen a huge drop in size as screen technology improves, batteries enhance and chips become smaller and more efficient. But then so too has audio with speakers now smaller than ever but offering even better sound than before and with wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery-powered portability.

Check out our gallery to see just how the gadget world has changed.

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