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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

TomTom Go Navigation App is a premium mobile navigation app for all drivers, with a three-month free trial

In recent years, TomTom has established itself as one of the world's leading companies dedicated to solving the world's mobility problems. It produces highly accurate maps and navigation software with real-time traffic, weather, and parking information to make your drives safer and simpler. It's recently released the TomTom Go Navigation App on all major app platforms, including the App Store and Google Play, and best of all it has a three-month free trial available.

The TomTom Go Navigation App is a superior alternative to other free and paid services, such as Google Maps and Waze. It has been developed with the driver at the center, designed to give them accurate traffic information, easy-to-follow lane guidance, safety camera alerts, and other features to make all drives safer and simpler. Furthermore, you can access all of these navigational features from your phone or connect to your car display via CarPlay or Android Auto.

Most other free and paid navigation services, such as Google, have a simple objective â€" taking you from point A to point B. However, they come up short in other essential components, such as providing smart assessments of road conditions, weather conditions, traffic, parking availability, and points of interest on your path. The TomTom Go Navigation App provides all of that information and more.

The TomTom Go Navigation App comes with a 30-day free trial, following which you'll need to subscribe to one of their auto-renewing plans. Please continue reading for a detailed overview of the app's core features.

Download TomTom Go now on the App Store or Google Play Store

Save time with real-time traffic updates

Most navigation systems provide a general overview of traffic conditions on a particular path. They often base their assessment on past trends at a certain time of the day. That can be fairly accurate because traffic conditions follow certain patterns. However, such aggregate-based assessments fall short when there are active road constructions, blocked paths, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances.

The TomTom Go Navigation App provides real-time traffic assessments instead of basing them on past aggregates. As such, you'll receive an advanced warning about potential traffic jams, newly blocked roads, accidents or unforeseen incidents, road construction, and other events that may cause delays. Armed with real-time insight, you can avoid traffic delays and make intelligent assessments about the path to take.

Download offline maps to save data usage

Most navigation systems (free or paid) are almost exclusively dependent on online usage. Some of them have extremely rudimentary offline maps, but they're essentially useless. Online maps are certainly effective, but they also increase your data usage and drain your phone batteries. Furthermore, if you're in an area with poor network connectivity, online maps may not update fast enough for your needs.

The TomTom Go Navigation App provides extremely reliable and impressive offline map usage. You can downtime 3D offline maps to your phone to minimize data usage and save battery. This is particularly useful if you're driving in areas with poor network connectivity. Furthermore, the offline maps can be updated daily or weekly according to current traffic and road conditions. As such, the TomTom Go Navigation App provides immense convenience and flexibility.

Customize your map according to your requirements

The TomTom Go Navigation App allows you to customize the maps according to your specific requirements and preferences. You can add or delete map regions based on frequented locations. You can also download maps of entire cities, countries, or regions, depending on where you want to go. However, offline maps take up storage space, so you should ideally download maps for specific cities or regions rather than countries.

Always drive within the speed limit

Navigation systems don't generally focus on road safety and speed limits. They tell you how to get from point A to point B, but they don't include integrated safety features. However, the TomTom Go Navigation App provides accurate alerts whenever you exceed the speed limit for a given area. The app is constantly updated to ensure it matches real-time speed limits in all areas, thus ensuring you're always within the speed limit, wherever you are. 

Moving lane guidance ensures you never miss a turn

The TomTom Go Navigation App features moving lane guidance, which allows drivers to navigate through the latest road conditions. The app provides clear, turn-by-turn directions to ensure you never miss a turn. This ensures you're always prepared for exits and intersections along your route. Furthermore, the 3D map visualization highlights the path you need to take, so there's no confusion while driving. 

Identify points of interest by categories

Most navigation systems have extremely rudimentary points-of-interest features â€" and some don't have any. Most of them require you to set clear addresses from point A to point B, but they can't help you find specific points of interest in between. That can be a problem if you're traveling long distances and need to find restaurants, cafes, or gas stations along the path.

The TomTom Go Navigation App allows you to seamlessly discover new points of interest along your path. You can search for specific categories of points of interest, such as restaurants or gas stations. All of the relevant points of interest will be highlighted on your map, and you can easily navigate towards them before continuing on your original path.

Project the map on a larger screen

The TomTom Go Navigation App is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As such, you can easily project the map onto your car's navigation screen, so you can follow the map without distractions from other notifications. You can also listen to the navigations on your car's surround sound.

Claim your free 3-month trial today

The TomTom Go Navigation App comes with a 3-month free trial, no credit card required. After the trial period, you can join the monthly plan of £1.99 per month, the annual plan of £12.99 per year, or the family plan of £19.99 per year, shareable with up to 6 family members. To get started, follow the steps below.

• Click on the link here: or scan the QR code above
• Checkout your basket at inserting your name and email address
•Â Receive an email from TomTom confirming successful purchase
•Â Download the app and login using the SAME CREDENTIALS as used in basket.
•Â Enjoy hassle-free navigation

That's all it takes!

•Â View TomTom Go on the App Store or Google Play Store

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