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Friday, 29 October 2021

Liverpool and PUBG Mobile team up to offer in-game kits

File this one under "partnerships we didn't see coming" - Liverpool FC and PUBG Mobile have teamed up to offer up in-game kits for players who complete challenges starting in mid-November.

It means that from 12 November until 20 December, a pretty generous window, you'll be able to log on and try to "LFC-branded outfits" alongside other cosmetics.

Now, we're hoping that means football kits but the wording leaves enough ambiguity to make us hesitate a little - so it's not quite clear yet whether you'll be able to run around in a Liverpool shirt with the world's best player, Mo Salah, emblazoned on your back.

Either way, it's an interesting twist in the continued battle for cultural relevance from battle royales across platforms. Fortnite conquers all, of course, with its tie-ins left right and centre, and Call of Duty is increasingly trying to compete too, with a recent Scream partnership.

Sport is a huge and comparatively still relatively untapped area, so it'll be curious to see whether more teams follow in Liverpool's considerable wake in the months to come. We'll have to wait, meanwhile, to find out exactly what the items you can unlock in PUBG Mobile actually are on this occasion.

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