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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

You could soon customise your Twitter navigation bar on mobile

Twitter might be planning a way to give you a little more control over how you use its app on mobile platforms, if a discovery by an app researcher is to be believed.

Alessandro Paluzzi has been digging around in Twitter's app directories to find new options, and has happened upon what looks like the user interface for selecting what shortcuts you want to appear on the navigation bar at the bottom of Twitter.

#Twitter keeps working on the ability to customize the navigation bar
Here's how you can customize the navigation bar

â€" Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) October 25, 2021

There are more options than many of us will be used to seeing, including buttons to take you directly to Twitter's Spaces feature and to your monetisation dashboard if that applies to your account, but being able to select only the ones you want could be a real boon.

If you hardly ever use your direct messages, for example, removing it from your navigation bar could be a nice bit of slimming down. Paluzzi says the minimum number of options is two, while the maximum is six.

However, in a slightly unsurprising twist, Paluzzi believes the evidence he's seen points toward this bit of customisation being in the plan for Twitter Blue, rather than for all free users. That would make it another small incentive for people to sign up for the paid membership tier once it's available in their region.

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