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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Valve has officially confirmed the next Steam sale dates

Steam sale dates are usually a case of guesswork or conjecture based on previous sale periods.

This time around Valve has confirmed the future dates outright, so we already know when the Halloween, autumn and winter steam sales are due to start. 

The company has published the planned sale dates on Steamworks so that publishers and others can access them and plan accordingly. That page is accessible to the public though, so now we all know when it's happening and you can get your wallet ready to purchase those games you've been holding off on. 

The official dates have been revealed as the following:

  • Steam Halloween Sale - 28 October until 1 November
  • Steam Autumn Sale - 24 November until 30 November 
  • Steam Winter Sale - 22 December until 5 January

There's not long to wait for the Halloween sale, though if it's like last year then this sale will mostly focus on horror games. If you're after wider discounts on a greater variety of games then you'll have to wait until the end of November. 

This year the Steam Autumn Sale is also falling on the same date as Black Friday, so you'll have to budget for Christmas presents as well. Or have more places to snag a PC gaming bargain. 

If you can't hold off on a deal then it's also worth noting that Epic Games already has a Halloween sale running. 

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