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Monday, 25 October 2021

Nerf unveils the Needler from Halo - its newest limited blaster

Nerf guns have a lot going for them, even when they're bright orange and typical, but there's something undeniably fun about seeing them made to measure up against pop culture classics. Nerf's latest tie-in is a great example.

It's the Needler, one of Halo's most iconic weapons, made in plastic form but nonetheless instantly recognisable, and it's open to pre-order from Hasbro right now. The gun sadly, but unsurprisingly, doesn't shoot actual needles, though.

It's got a 10-dart magazine, and as you fire a dart it'll turn off an LED illuminating a needle on top of the gun, to replicate the effect of the in-game gun losing its stock of needles as you get through its magazines. it also sadly won't have any homing features, unsurprisingly.

Still, it's a pretty good likeness, and the blaster will apparently come with a code to unlock some in-game bonuses in Halo Infinite when the game releases (most likely these will be cosmetics of some sort).

You can pre-order it from Nerf now for $100, which isn't the cheapest price, but then again you don't often get the chance to pick up something quite as iconic as this. It'll release at the start of December, seemingly.

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