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Monday, 25 October 2021

Eero confirms that its mesh Wi-Fi routers will support upcoming smart home standard Matter

Eero has confirmed that support for the upcoming smart home standard Matter will roll out to its mesh Wi-Fi routers.

Speaking at an event held by The Verge, company chief Nick Weaver told guests that Eero routers with existing support for Thread will also receive an update for Matter after the standard goes live in 2022.

This will provide Eero owners with more ways to link up the devices in their smart home, and also that routers stretching back to 2017 will still be able to fit into a future setup.

For the uninitiated, Matter is the latest and greatest wireless interoperability standard cooked up by the biggest companies within the smart home industry - including Eero's parent company, Amazon.

The aim is to make the use of devices from different ecosystems more seamless, rather than have them fall under a banner of a smart assistant, with its arrival expected in the new year after its latest delay was announced in August.

During the event, Weaver also suggested that the company had considered the notion of cellular backup for future Eero routers, not unlike how fellow Amazon-owned company Ring offers the connectivity for its alarm system.

There were no confirmations of this, however. Instead, Weaver went on to reference how current trends underscore consumers commitment to gigabit internet, rather than 5G cellular home network.

Whatever we see from Eero in 2022 and beyond, Matter support is a good place to start. We're still waiting to hear full details regarding integration from some other big companies, but it's shaping up to be a landmark year for the smart home.

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