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Monday, 25 October 2021

Oculus Quest Pro leaks ahead of Facebook Connect

We've had a few teases from Oculus lately on the prototype VR headsets the company is working on. Now the company's next release might have been leaked. 

It's suggested that this leak shows the Oculus Quest Pro. A headset we've been waiting on for a while. The leaks also look remarkably similar to the prototype headset that was being teased by Facebook's vice president of VR Andrew Bosworth earlier this month. 

It makes sense we're starting to see leaks appearing as we're expecting to hear a number of different announcements from both Oculus and Facebook during Facebook Connect later this month. 

The teases of the new Quest headset have come via Twitter user Bastian who has posted a number of videos that appear to show the avatar-based experiences we may see in VR with the new device. 

Quest Pro / Seacliff [thread]

found by Samulia in the Seacliff firmware pic.twitter.com/0pGODx2HCp

â€" Bastian :D (@Basti564) October 24, 2021

These videos appear to be legitimate demonstrations of the user experience when using the headset in various settings. The first shows a user customising their avatar and then, most interestingly, seeing their movements accurately mimicked by the avatar too. 

The second appears to show one user handling a new style of Oculus controller to interact with the virtual world. 


â€" Bastian :D (@Basti564) October 24, 2021

You'll notice that this new controller appears to lack the tracking ring which previously appeared on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest controllers.  Real-world images of these controllers have recently leaked online too. So these two leaks at least confirm one another. 

The other videos interestingly appear to show those controllers sitting on some sort of wireless charging dock and being used for productivity tasks. While another video shows gamers playing Beat Saber together, then moving over to a virtual cinema to watch content together too. 

Plenty of interesting things happening with Oculus it seems and we hope to find out more about this potential new headset at Facebook Connect on 28 October. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/ar-vr/news/oculus/158843-oculus-quest-pro-leaks-ahead-of-facebook-connect

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