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Thursday, 17 February 2022

You can now get a fully-electric Land Rover Defender, with a twist

If you've been craving an electric Defender then crave no more, because Twisted have given the classic Land Rover an electric makeover, as only Twisted can.

The Yorkshire-based Defender modification company has its own resto-mod EV, packing in all the electrical components and stripping out the old combustion engine, to give you electric power.

Twisted says that it's a fully modular system, comprised of new components rather than relying on salvaged used parts - and thanks to the modularity there's the potential for upgrades in the future.

It can be fitted to the Defender 90, 110 or 130, so for those who want a unique electric car - with that classic Defender look - now is your chance.

Twisted's demonstrator model takes the Defender 90 Truck Cab, with a 61kWh battery packed into the space normally occupied by the combustion engine and the fuel tanks.

There's a 200kW motor (268hp), delivering 1200Nm torque. Twisted says that the offroad performance remains unaffected and you can still switch between high and low ranges, lock the differential as well as wade up to a depth of 900mm.

The estimated range is given as 210km (about 130 miles) and that's not a huge range by current standards; the changing comes thanks to a 22kWh Type 2 plug, so there's some compromise on how far you can realistically roam in this Land Rover.

Of course, this isn't just a Defender with electrics fitted. This is a Twisted EV, so the rest of the car gets a complete makeover too, with sound deadening, carpets, a fully connected infotainment system as well as a digital display to control parts of the car in the absence of the old physical shifters.

That's in addition to the exterior modifications which preserve the iconic design of the Defender, while giving it a lift and making it look a lot more modern.

And a lot of this car is about the looks and about preserving an icon, because with a cool £225,000 + VAT asking price slapped on this model, it's likely to appeal to well-off fans rather than those looking for a zero emissions commuter.

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