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Monday, 7 February 2022

This huge deal makes the yeedi vac robot vacuum a must-have

Anyone who gets tired of having to run around their home cleaning up messes and vacuuming multiple times a week might have thought about picking up a robot vacuum cleaner at some point - they make a massive difference to how easy it is to stay tidy.

However, many robot vacuums are way too expensive for normal people to afford, which is why you might be on the lookout for good deals that bring prices down. The yeedi vac is already one of the most reasonably-priced vacuums out there, but a one-time daily deal today has brought it down to a simply irresistible price - just $207.99! Read on to find out what makes it such a great addition to any home.

Great mapping

It can be hard to find your own way around your home while you clean to make sure you're doing everything efficiently, so it's no surprise that some robot vacuums can struggle with layouts and mapping. That's not a problem you'll have with the yeedi vac, which makes it incredibly easy to set up your home map and to edit it.

The companion app you'll use is snappily designed and easy to control, making it a matter of a few taps to mark a room as a no-go zone if you don't want it touched, or to set the vacuum off on a full clean of your home. It's so easy, and you'll soon forget what it was like to have to do the cleaning for yourself.

Excellent suction

Part of what makes the yeedi vac so reliable is that it packs in a pretty intense level of suction, at a huge 3000Pa of pressure - a level that matches a load of vacuums that cost sometimes twice as much as the yeedi vac does.

This means it won't leave grit or dirt behind it, being able to pick up even visible chunks of dust and detritus, and ensuring that it leaves behind gleaming floors and pristine carpets, just as you'd hope. After all, if a robot vacuum leaves behind dirt then there's not much point in using it.

Detects your carpets

The yeedi vac doesn't just know how to move around your home efficiently, though - it also knows that different parts will need different treatment. In particular, it has a smart feature that lets it automatically detect when it moves between hard floors and carpeted areas, so that it can adjust the suction power it applies accordingly.

This means that your carpets get extra-hard suction to make sure everything is pulled out from between their fibres, while hard flooring can have a lower setting that saves more battery and allows the yeedi vac to keep cleaning for longer.

Reliable navigation

Moving around a map is one thing, but vacuums also need to be able to react to obstacles that are in front of them in the real world, too, since your floor is unlikely to ever be 100% clear. That's just why the yeedi vac has such advanced sensors on it - to make sure that it doesn't bump into thing or knock anything over.

Instead, it will smoothly navigate around obstacles after detecting them, ensuring that you don't have to move around tidying before your vacuum cleans, which would slightly defeat the purpose of buying it in the first place.

If you think the yeedi vac could make a great addition to your home, be sure to take advantage of today's one-day flash sale, by using the coupon on Amazon and code YEEDIVAC12 to reduce the yeedi vac to just $207.99 - you can also pick it up from Walmart here, or from the yeedi store. The sale ends at midnight PST tonight, so don't take too long!

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