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Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Sony still struggling to make enough PS5 consoles

The issues being faced by Sony and Microsoft when it comes to manufacturing their latest run of consoles have been well-documented, but new sales estimates from Sony have confirmed that the problems aren't going anywhere.

In its latest earnings report it confirmed that it has sold 17.3 million units of the PS5, a healthy figure that's nonetheless 3.3 million behind the huge 20.2 million that the PS4 had sold by the same time on the market. With demand still surging, it's a supply issue that's caused the shortfall.

The nonetheless strong sales mean Sony still saw its operating profit grow by 12%, but losing money on each console meant that its gaming revenue actually shrunk slightly. The fact is that the component shortages causing the lack of units on sale are looking likely to continue.

The PlayStation 5 has sold in 17.3 million units as of December 31, 2021 according to Sony.

This compares to 20.2 million for PlayStation 4 in the same timeframe, when launch aligned

PS5 has faced significant supply issues. It has been unable to keep up with PS4 despite demand

â€" Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) February 2, 2022

Therefore Sony's reduced its estimate for how many PS5 consoles it'll sell in the next fiscal year down to 11.5 million, where it was previously aiming for 14.8 million. That'll disapppoint investors and those still trying to find a PS5 at RRP equally.

In another interesting tidbit, Sony indicated that it's aiming to release 10 live service games on PlayStation by 2026, signalling how strongly it intends to get into the market. What part Destiny 2 plays in that process, since it just bought Bungie, remains to be seen.

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