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Monday, 7 February 2022

How to move your Spotify playlists to Apple Music

Whatever your reasons for wanting to switch services, whether it's due to the artists leaving the service, Spotify choosing to stand behind particular podcasts hosts or Apple Music offering more of the features you want, you can take your music with you. In fact, the same is true if you're leaving for another provider like YouTube Music or Tidal. The process generally works for all of the popular providers. 

The process differs slightly depending on whether you want to transfer using your iPhone, Android phone or a web browser. But regardless of how you want to do it, there is a method to ensure you can keep any playlists you've painstakingly collated over years. 

There is one caveat there though: the three services we've found to offer this service don't do it for free. At least, not if you have a considerable number of songs to switch across. 


Transfer Spotify to Apple Music on Android 

The easiest method to use when transferring your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music on your Android phone is to use an app called Free Your Music. (It's also available on iOS). 

It's worth noting, Free Your Music is free to try, but will only allow you to transfer 100 songs without paying. If you want to transfer more than that, you'll need to purchase the premium in-app purchase.

It's available as a one-time purchase of £10.99, or you can take a quarterly, annual or lifetime subscription. Which you choose depends on whether you see yourself needing to use it more than once. The one-time option is all you need if you just doing one big mega transfer. 

  1. Download Free Your Music - on the Play Store (or App Store for iPhone)
  2. Open the app and select your Source - in this case 'Spotify'
  3. Sign into your Spotify Account
  4. Select your destination - choose 'Apple Music' 
  5. Now sign in with your Apple ID
  6. Select the playlists or saved albums you want to transfer - tap 'Begin transfer' 

This isn't the only solution, however. You can also use our 'on the web' tutorial below. It costs less, but obviously isn't quite as convenient since you need to use a browser in order to do it. 

On iPhone, iPad and Mac 

One app that was originally free - but is no longer - is called SongShift. We showed you how to use it to switch from Apple Music to Spotify on iPhone already, and the process is much the same, albeit in reverse. There are various tiers of subscription for SongShift. You can pay £34.99 for lifetime use, £4.99 per month or £19.49 per year. 

  1. Download SongShift for iPhone - from the App Store
  2. Tap the '+' to start the transferring process
  3. Select 'Setup source' - now choose Spotify and Album, Playlist or Song from the popup menu
  4. Now choose the playlists you want to transfer, and hit 'Done' 
  5. Where it says 'Create new Playlist' on the next screen, tap the green edit button that looks like a pencil
  6. Choose 'New playlist' and select Apple Music (or '+other' and then Apple Music if it's not there)
  7. Tap 'continue' 
  8. Select 'I'm Finished' 

Now all you need to do is wait for the processing to finish and confirm the matches, then wait for it to finish transferring. 

On the web

As mentioned, there is a useful web-based transfer tool. It's called Soundiiz, and is fairly simple to use. Again, it's not free. You can transfer one playlist without paying, but any more and you'll need to subscribe to the premium service for £4.50 per month. If you only need it once, just sign up and immediately cancel the subscription when it's finished. 

  1. Head to - sign in/create an account
  2. Click on Spotify and select 'Connect' 
  3. Click on Apple Music and select 'Connect' 
  4. Find 'transfer' and click/tap on it
  5. Now choose what you want to transfer in the pop-up window
  6. Choose Spotify as the source, then choose the playlists you want to transfer - click continue
  7. In 'Configure your playlist', edit your title and description then click 'save configuration'
  8. Choose which tracks in that playlist to transfer on the next screen - click 'confirm'
  9. Choose Apple Music as the destination

Now wait for the transfer to take place. The time it takes depends on how many tracks you're trying to transfer to the new service. 

What about other music services? 

The good thing about all these transfer services is that they support pretty much all the major music subscription services. That includes Tidal, Deezer, YouTube Music and many others. So if you're looking to transfer between other services, you can use the same methods listed above, just choose different sources and destinations. 

If you're not sure which music service is best, check out our comparison. 

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