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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

BOE unveils the worlds highest refresh rate gaming monitor running at 500Hz

While consumers might not be so familiar, BOE is one of the world's largest LCD and OLED panel manufacturers.

Now, it has revealed a prototype of the world's highest refresh rate gaming monitor.

Current gaming displays top out at 360Hz, which is mighty fast, but BOE's prototype blasts past those with a staggering 500Hz+ refresh rate.

The BOE panel is a 27-inch FHD display, a real sweet spot for the competitive gaming and esports market.

We're sure that's intentional as for casual users the difference between 360Hz and 500Hz might be difficult to discern, but for pro-gamers, it could make a world of difference.

Other specs also point to the display being less desirable for the masses, such as it being limited to 8-bit colour.

BOE (via Google Translate) stated that it has made "important breakthroughs in the field of oxide semiconductor display technology" and "mass production of copper interconnect stack structures".

The brand is using this tech combined with "high refresh rate, high resolution, low power oxide display technology" to make this 500Hz display possible.

We're not sure exactly what this means but it could point to an oxide TFT screen of some description. Possibly related to the IGZO technology that was all the rage a few years back.

Currently, there's no price point or release date associated with the display nor any indication as to whether BOE plans to use the panel in a consumer product, but for the sake of Counter-Strike fans everywhere, we hope it does.

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