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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Battlefield 2042's first season of new content delayed until early summer

EA and Dice have announced that the first season of new content coming for Battlefield 2042 will be delayed into "early summer", in order to free up more development time to fix issues with the game and to bring features to it that the community has been vocally requesting.

The delay isn't a totally definitive one, since we didn't have a launch date for new content in the first place. That content was widely anticipated to have been arriving in early March, and is now unlikely to appear before May at the earliest.

Today we're sharing the latest #Battlefield 2042 details, our new player feedback loop, and a status update for Season One.

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â€" Battlefield (@Battlefield) February 1, 2022

In a blog post accompanying the news, which has been released shortly before EA's quarterly earnings call for investors, the Battlefield team says that it will be overhauling how it communicates with players to ensure that frequent updates are issued on what changes and adjustments are incoming.

This follows a roughly six-week period during which there have been very few updates on what can be expected. It will start, in theory, when the next game update changes the scoreboard layout. Other changes coming down the pike include the arrival of in-game voice chat and a more detailed player profile system.

Those who bought access to the Year One Pass as part of a deluxe edition of the game will be getting a small content pack of cosmetics in-game as an apology for the delay, the post also confirms. Whether enough can change to help the game attract back some of the many players it has lost will remain to be seen.

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