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Monday, 13 September 2021

Xbox Series X and S consoles might be able to recognise normal SSDs

The topic of expanded storage has been a slightly touchy one when it comes to both Xbox and PlayStation's next-gen consoles. While Sony was slow in adding support for extra internal SSDs to the PS5, it's now a matter of getting on its beta software and then adding a drive that fits in the slot.

On the Xbox side of things, we're limited for now to the officially-released Seagate Expansion Card, which is impressively tiny and easy to add to your console on the back, but also pretty ruddy expensive.

Things might not be as restricted as that sounds, according to a recent blog post on Chinese site BilliBilli. One enterprising user there has demonstrated how they've been able to hack together a drive using a 1TB Western Digital SN530 m.2 2230 SSD.

Adding an adapter that fits the console's storage slots to this drive led both the Xbox Series X and S to recognise it and be able to use it for storage - although given this is the same SSD that the Series X uses internally, it's far from certain that the process would work with any other drive.

This isn't exactly a consumer-friendly hack for now - not least because it'll leave you with a vulnerable SSD hanging off the back of your console, but it does suggest that the Xbox storage situation isn't quite as restrictive as it looks.

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