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Thursday, 23 September 2021

What is DAZN, what can I watch, and everything you need to know about the sports streaming service

In a day and age where it feels like there's a different streaming service popping up every week, DAZN has been around since 2016 - although you might only be finding out about it now because your favourite sporting league is now streaming exclusively on the service. 

In any case, we'll tell you everything you need to know about what DAZN is, what type of content you can watch on it, how to sign-up, and anything else you may be wondering. 

What is DAZN?

First up, it's important to note that DAZN is a highly global brand, and with that comes a fragmentation of content. In DAZN's case, however, the fragmentation is enormous. 

Basically, depending on which country you live in, DAZN is an entirely different streaming service altogether, but at its utter core, it's fundamentally Netflix for sports. The question for you should be, 'are the sports I watch available in my country on DAZN or someplace else?' 

What countries are DAZN available in?

To sum up how complicated the streaming network DAZN offers globally truly is, the company has partial rights to over 30 different sports categories, comprising of more than 180 specific sporting events or leagues across 120 different countries (and counting). Juggle those numbers up, and you've got yourself a nearly countless combination of what's available in some territories and what isn't. 

Take WWE, for example. In the United States, it's availably exclusively to watch on NBC's Peacock network, and in the United Kingdom, you'll need to have WWE's own WWE Network if you want to watch. But if you're in Germany, DAZN holds the exclusive rights to the entire WWE catalogue and streams all the latest events live as it airs. 

The same holds for more popular events like the Premier League, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League. In the UK, football fans can watch matches through Sky Sports or BT Sport, but if you live in Canada, you can stream both live Premier League and UEFA Champions League games all on DAZN. 

If you're in Italy, DAZN holds full Serie A streaming rights that extend to the UEFA Europa League as well, but try to watch the Champions League, and you're out of luck - you'll need Amazon Prime for that. 

How much does DAZN cost?


DAZN is priced at an industry-high $19.99 per month in the United States but comes down to a much more reasonable $99.99 per year if you're willing to shell out all that cash out at once. In the UK, DAZN goes for £7.99 per month, a steep increase from the previous £1.99 monthly cost. Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be an option for an annual plan in the UK. 

What channel is DAZN? 

It's important to note that DAZN isn't an actual television channel but instead an online streaming service, meaning you'll have to watch on the web or an internet-capable smart TV.  

What events are on DAZN? 

In the US, boxing has become the most popular sport available on DAZN ever since HBO announced they would no longer be hosting nor airing sporting events.  

DAZN holds the rights to nearly every known sport in the world in some fashion or another; the question is whether they own the rights to the athletic competition you want to watch in the country you reside. 

The easiest way to determine that is by hopping onto the DAZN website and clicking the 'Sports' banner at the top. Since the website will know what country you're in, the results you see should be all the sports available to stream should you choose to sign up. 

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