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Monday, 20 September 2021

The next Steam Game Festival begins soon

If you're struggling to find new games to play or are simply fed up with big-budget titles and want something different then you might struggle to know what's good.

Steam's recommendation system is pretty good and you can use that to dive into all sorts of games you wouldn't normally play. But if you want a taste of what's coming from indie devs then look no further than the Steam Game Festival. 

This special event has been occurring regularly for a while now, kicking off a couple of years ago and most recently filling the void where the Game Developers Conference would have been.

Now Valve has announced that the next Steam Games Festival is set to start 1 October and run until 7 October:

During the festival, there's the promise of access to hundreds of free game demos as well as the chance to watch live streams from indie developers and the chance to chat with those devs about the games they're working on.

Valve says these demos will include everything from action games to visual novels, strategy games, platformers and everything in between. 

So plenty of reasons to keep an eye on Steam and ready your wallet for all the exciting games that are coming soon. 

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