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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth headphone support

We're not sure why it's taken more than four years, but Nintendo has finally added Bluetooth audio support to its Switch consoles.

The Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED (when it launches on 8 October) can now be used with wireless in-, on- and over-ear headphones. You can even stream the audio to wireless speakers.

System update v13.0.0 is available now and adds Bluetooth audio capabilities, albeit with a few caveats.

You can't, for example, use more than two wireless Joy-Cons or controllers and Bluetooth headphones at the same time. Up to two controllers and one pair of headphones can be used together, however.

You can't use Bluetooth audio when playing a multiplayer game over a local wireless connection - ie. with two more more Switch consoles in the same location.

And, only one Bluetooth audio device can be connected at the same time - although the Switch will be able to store up to 10 device profiles. Wireless microphones are not supported at all, so you'll still need to use a wired gaming headset if you want to talk to others.

It's worth also noting that Nintendo warns that audio latency issues may occur, depending on the headphones. Still, we've waited so long for the functionality, who are we to complain?

Also added with system update v13 is the ability to send software updates to the dock, the ability to maintain an internet connection when the console is sleeping (when using wired internet through the new OLED dock), and control stick calibration tools.

You can also see which Wi-Fi profile (2.4GHz or 5GHz) under "connection status".

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