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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

New DJI OM 5 gimbal has a built-in selfie stick

DJI has unveiled the latest in its line of handheld smartphone stabilisers. It's rather predictably called the OM 5, but has one feature you probably didn't see coming. 

It's had a major redesign; not only making it more portable when folded, but also incorporating an extending arm within the body, transforming it into (probably) the most advanced selfie stick on the planet. 

As well as that extending arm, DJI has shaved roughly 1/3rd of the body volume to create a device that fits into your pocket or bag even more easily than before. 

Like the OM 4 before it, the OM 5 also uses the magnetic mounting system. That means you simply snap on the grip that's holding your phone, and this year the company is also debuting a new fill light accessory. 

It holds the phone like the regular grip, but features two LED strip lights on those grips, so you can film yourself in the dark if you want to and have your face lit up more evenly than using your phone's screen. 

OM 5 follows on from the OM 4, and previous Osmo-branded products, and works on the same principle. It connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android phone and then mechanically stabilises all your footage. 

It's in automation and app-powered modes that DJI excels though. ActiveTrack has been upgraded to work at longer focal lengths and keep locked on to a subject even when it's moving quickly. This is the feature that lets you select a subject to track, and then the gimbal motors move and adapt to keep that subject centre-framed and in focus. 

There's gesture control, allowing you to use hand gestures to start and stop video recording, plus DynamicZoom (for that scary background zoom style), timelapse, motionlapse and hyperlapse. 

All of these features are powered by the Mimo app which you download to your phone in order to control the gimbal. 

DJI OM 5 is available to buy in two colours: Sunset White and Athens Grey and will cost £139 in the UK or €159 in Europe. The Fill Light phone clamp is separate and costs £42/€49. 

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