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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Is N64 next for Nintendo's Switch Online service?

After the news of Game Boy games potentially coming to Nintendo Switch, the same tipster has revealed that classic N64 titles could soon be added too.

However, you might have to pay more for your Nintendo Switch Onine subscription as the "insider" believes they will come at a premium.

Switch Online membership is a requirement for playing online multiplayer on the majority of Switch games. It also provides access to a growing library of classic Nintendo games running through emulation.

At present, this covers NES and SNES games, but a report at the beginning of September suggested that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games could soon follow. The same report said that emulation for a fourth retro console was found in a datamine of the service.

Tipster NateDrake claims that will be N64 (which makes a lot of sense really). He also proposes in the latest episode of his podcast that it could be part of an additional subscription tier: "What I'm going to propose, is that when Nintendo 64 does come to Nintendo Switch Online it is going to come with a higher-priced tier - a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online, if you will," he said (as reported by NintendoLife).

"I don't think they would try to double the price of it... I'd come in at $30 a year, $35 would be the ceiling, any more than that I think Nintendo would be really pushing things."

Nintendo Switch Online currently costs £17.99 for 12-months in the UK, $19.99 in the States.


There is no official confirmation of neither Game Boy nor N64 games coming to the service yet.

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