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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Cupra UrbanRebel Concept gives street racing vibes to future electric car

Cupra has unveiled a new concept car, the UrbanRebel. It's a pure electric car, with this concept said to give "an idea of the future design language of the urban electric vehicle."

Cupra already has an electric car in the wings, the Cupra Born, which is the Cupra-branded version of the Seat el-Born.

You can see some of the Born in the UrbanRebel, which isn't surprising, because Cupra says this model is based on the VW MEB platform, as many cars are likely to be over the next few years.

It's unlikely that the final road car will sport these sort of Fast and Furious vibes, but Cupra's aim here is to generate a little excitement around the idea of an electric hot hatch.

We all know that electric cars can offer blistering pace - with Cupra here saying that the UrbanRebel offers 250kW continuous power and 320kW peak, which will deliver the 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds.

In hot hatch terms, that's really hot; if Cupra was to sell a model that would deliver that sort of power dump all in the name of speed it would really shake things up.

Cupra says it will launch its urban electric vehicle in 2025 and part of us hopes that some of this concept survives - but you can't have this sort of styling, without offering ridiculous speed too.

We're rapidly heading towards a place where there are any number of similarly-specced models with similar performance (both across the VW group and the Stellantis group) and we'd love to see Cupra play its role as a disrupter.

Here's hoping.

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