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Thursday, 15 December 2022

YouTube rolls out 24-hour bans for the worst spam commenters

YouTube is finally taking more action against spam commenters on its platform, with 24-hours bans rolling out for people who are repeat offenders.

Spam comments have long been a problem for YouTube but the video streamer is starting to make changes that it hopes will improve matters. There are three changes in total, but the banning of repeat spammers might be the most interesting. The company says that people will receive a notification that "commenting has been paused" for their accounts, meaning that they won't be able to comment for a further 24 hours.

That ban will be triggered by YouTube deems people to have repeatedly left comments that violate its community guidelines, the company says.

YouTube will also begin to warn people if their comments have been removed because they were abusive, although right now the feature is only available for those whose language happens to be English. More languages are going to come online in the next few months, we're told.

YouTube also says that it is improving the automated detection of spam, allowing it to be more speedily removed. There will also be improvements to bot detection when comments are left on live streams, too.

All of this is obviously welcome and anything that reduces the amount of low-quality and abusive comments on YouTube videos is something we're absolutely here for. Let's hope that things continue to improve and that these changes have an impact sooner rather than later.

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