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Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Apple TV may finally be coming to Android

Apple's had a way for some Android users to access its Apple TV platform on their phones via browsers for a while now, but it's long failed to provide a proper app for the platform.

That seems like it might finally change, though, after a prominent leaker with a solid track record indicated that Apple is planning a standalone app at last.

There's no timeline here from ShrimpApplePro, but that's no surprise - Apple's been playing the long game on this one for a while.

Apple TV app is coming to Android, currently are still internal beta testing. Will soon be released.
Oh Apple Music app for Android is also getting updated too.

â€" ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco) December 20, 2022

With Apple TV+ becoming more and more a part of Apple's long-term planning, though, it makes sense to finally give a proper way for users to access its programming even if they're not iPhone or iPad users.

There has been an Apple TV app on Android TV for a while, after all, so it's not as if the entire concept of an app outside the Apple ecosystem is still anathema.

With Apple TV also already available on gaming consoles and a range of smart TVs among other devices, here's hoping this signals that Android devices are finally coming in from the cold.

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