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Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Best Google Christmas gift ideas and discounts

As the Christmas season hits its full stride, the rush to get suitable presents can turn into a genuine race against time. Luckily, Google has provided an easy solution with some excellent holiday promotional offers.

From discounts on Google's flagship smartphone, Pixel 7, to Google Store credits, here are the exciting deals available around the holiday season.

Save £100 on Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7 Pro represents the latest development in smartphones from Google. This device is a continuation and an upgrade on the already fantastic foundation set by Pixel 7 and 6a models.

The amazing offer to grab a Pixel 7 Pro for £100 less than the regular price starts on 25 December and lasts until 10 January 2023. Take advantage of the offer using this link.

Save £75 on Pixel 7

With exclusive features and impressive technology, the Pixel 7 has everything you'd need from a smartphone and more. The slim design has all of the advantages of the OLED screen and hides impressive hardware under its shell.

You can get the Pixel 7 with a £75 discount. The deal will be valid from 25 December until 15 January 2023 and you can activate it here.

Save £100 on Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a is proof that you don't have to make a huge investment to get an impressive phone. The device boasts a powerful Tensor processor and exclusive Google software at a fraction of the price compared to similar smartphones. But it gets even better.

The previous version of Google's most powerful smartphone, Pixel 6a, gets a £100 discount for the holiday season. Get the Pixel 6a for £100 off from 25 December to 5 January.

Save £10 on Chromecast with Google TV (4K)

Chromecast with Google TV is a lightweight streaming device that has changed the way millions of users enjoy streaming apps. The spectacular 4K version will provide an extra-crisp image, allowing you to take in your favourite content with complete immersion.

The 4K version of Google TV will include a £10-off deal on Chromecast. The offer will be active exclusively from 12 December to 6 January 2023. Click on this link to grab the deal.

Save £10 on Chromecast with Google TV (HD)

With exceptional quality of image and sound, Chromecast with Google TV HD represents a streaming solution for every home. The combination of Chromecast and Google TV comes with advanced features that will satisfy all your streaming needs.

Google TV HD also comes bundled with a £10 Chromecast discount. This offer is active from 11 December and lasts until 4 January 2023. Grab it here to take advantage of the limited holiday deal.

Save £30 on Pixel Buds A-Series

Comfortable, attractive, and great-sounding, the Pixel Buds A-Series provide unmatched audio quality in their price range. The buds feature a streamlined design that doesn't come at a loss of essential features. You'll enjoy premium sound during calls or when listening to music, and the handy Google Assistant will be only a voice command away.

The top-tier Pixel Buds A-Series enter the Christmas season with £30 off their regular price. The discounted price is available from 19 December to 6 January 2023, and you can get these stellar buds by following this link.

Save £30 on Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro have the 'Pro' in the name for good reason. The buds and their case are resistant to water, with the case having an IPX2 rating and the buds getting IPX4. The battery life is driven to the maximum, and the listening experience is enhanced with the active noise-cancelling feature. Of course, the buds feature seamless integration with Google Assistant.

As an ideal accessory to your Google Pixel, the superior Pixel Buds Pro will be a real steal this holiday season, going for £30 off the retail price. The deal is active from 19 December to 6 January 2023. Don't hesitate to get your Pixel Buds Pro for £30 off as soon as possible.

Get £100 in Google Store credit when you buy a Pixel 7

Once you get your new Pixel 7, it's time to fill your phone with quality content. That's where Google Store credit comes in quite handy. You can use the credit to rent or purchase movies and books, make in-app purchases from your favourite games or apps, and much more.

If you're getting a Pixel 7 phone, why not take the opportunity for an amazing extra deal? With every Pixel 7 purchase between 6 and 24 December, you can get a £100 value in Google Store credit. Activate the offer here.

Get £150 in Google Store credit when you buy a Pixel 7 Pro

A powerhouse like the Pixel 7 Pro deserves only the best. That's why you should consider getting some premium apps for your new smartphone. With Google Store credit, this becomes much easier. Google's virtual currency allows you to pay for premium apps, as well as purchase other quality services like Google One.

If you buy the most advanced Pixel phone yet and do so from 6 to 24 December, you'll get £150 in Google Store credit if you activate the deal by clicking on this link.

Save £45 on Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

If you want to turn your home into a genuinely smart home, Google Nest Hub will be the right choice. The device can connect with compatible devices like TVs, cameras, and lights, allowing you to control them from a single spot. The hub comes equipped with built-in Google Assistant, which means your home will start to answer the sound of your voice. Welcome to the future!

The second generation of Nest Hub is discounted right in time for the New Year celebration. Between 19 December and 6 January 2023, the hub will be available with a £45 discount. To take the deal, go to this address. 

Save £40 on Google Wifi (3 pack)

With Google Wifi, you won't have to worry about network coverage ever again. Once you position the three cylinders around your home, the Wi-Fi signal will be just as strong in every corner as it is right beside your router. With this product, you can forget about wireless 'dead spots' regardless of where you find yourself.

If you want to grab the 3-Pack Google Wifi, there's no better time for that than now. The product will go for £40 off, with the offer starting on 19 December and ending on 6 January 2023. Get your wireless connectivity into the new year for an unprecedented price here.

Terms and Conditions for all offers

All deals listed here are available for users aged 18 and up with a UK delivery address. The offers are exclusively individual, which means they can't be combined with other deals. The only way to realize an offer is through Google Store UK purchases â€" you can't get these discounts through third-party retailers.

Also, none of the deals can be transferred or exchanged for cash or another product equivalent to the cash value. When ordering, pay attention to any potential delivery charges, as those will apply at checkout. 

Celebrate the holiday season with Google's astounding deals

Whether you want to refresh your gadgets or are looking for the ideal gift for a loved one, Google's holiday deals will make the best devices from the digital giant more than available. Don't hesitate to jump at the opportunity and make sure not to miss the time window â€" enter the new year with the best Google has to offer.

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