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Tuesday 20 December 2022

Why do some Twitter accounts have square profile pictures now?

If you've logged on to Twitter in the past day or two, you may have noticed that some profile pictures on the social network are now square instead of circular. Ever since billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter, there have been many changes to the platform. You might find it hard to keep up with all the chaos, frankly. So, to help you easily understand this latest change, Pocket-lint has detailed everything you need to know. The short answer is Twitter has rolled out a Twitter Blue for Business - but read on to learn more.

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Some Twitter profile pics are now square. Here's why.

In December 2022, Twitter announced it rolled out Twitter Blue for Business. It's described as a "new program" that lets businesses "distinguish their brands and key employees on Twitter". These accounts will show a square profile picture next to their display names - rather than a round one. This includes news outlets as well as brands like Nike. Companies like Walgreens and even Twitter itself also have square profile pics. You can see an example of a square profile picture above. If you use an NFT as your profile picture, you can get a hexagonal pic.

What do the gold checkmarks mean?

Businesses that have signed up for Twitter Blue for Business will show a gold checkmark next to their display names.

What are the badges next to checkmarks?

Companies can now give individuals, businesses, and brands affiliated with them a small badge of their company's profile picture. This badge is displayed next to their checkmark.

"By creating this connection, we're making it possible for businesses to create networks within their own organizationsâ€"on Twitter. Businesses can affiliate their leadership, brands, support handles, employees or teams. Journalists, sports team players, or movie characters can all be affiliated. You name it, we got it. Each affiliate will be verified and officially linked to their parent handle based on a list provided by the parent business. We will share any new criteria, pricing, or process as we update them," explained Twitter in an announcement post.

Who can try Twitter Blue for Business?

Currently, Twitter Blue for Business is a pilot open to a "select group of businesses". Twitter said it will roll this out to more businesses "next year". 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/twitter/163903-square-twitter-picture

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