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Thursday 29 December 2022

LG to show new Signature range at CES 2023, including OLED TV, fridge and microwave

LG's CES plans continue to emerge, with the announcement that a whole range of new, premium Signature devices and appliances will be there in the flesh.

For then kitchen, there will be a new refrigerator, washer and dryer pair, microwave, and conventional oven - each with the latest smart features.

Also appearing during the show will be a new Signature OLED TV, Wine Cellar, an air purifier and a new air conditioner. They will all be shown in a special LG Signature Zone on its booth in Las Vegas from 5 January.

The LG Signature 4-Door French Door fridge comes with Dual InstaView. This means both upper doors can go transparent with a simple knock to show what's inside the cooler.

The washer and dryer each sport a 7-inch LCD touch panel, while the microwave oven also comes with an InstaView door panel.

The LG Signature double oven has built-in cameras so you can see the progress of your bake, plus automatic time and temperature setting functionality.

"LG Signature second-generation appliances combine our exclusive technologies, an array of enhanced features of convenience and efficiency, and gorgeous, modern design for a smart, sustainable and more luxurious life at home," said the president of LG Electronics home appliance and air solutions, Lyu Jae-cheol.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/news/lg/163950-lg-to-show-new-signature-range-at-ces-2023-including-oled-tv-fridge-and-microwave

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