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Monday, 26 December 2022

Official OnePlus 11 images shared, the leaks were true

OnePlus has shared its first official imagery ahead of the OnePlus 11 launch, and it's safe to say, there are absolutely no surprises here. 

Thanks to an increase in leaks over the past few weeks, we've already had a glimpse at the new, redesigned flagship phone from OnePlus. Now the manufacturer has clearly decided that if it can't beat those leaks, join them. 

The images show a clear look at the device we've seen a couple of times already. That means the previously square camera housing has been replaced by a massive circular protrusion. 

As has become something of a tradition, there are two finishes: one black and one green. And just like we've seen with some other previous series, the two have different finishes as well. 

The black has that textured, almost sparkly, black glass finish that we saw on the OnePlus 10 Pro, whereas the green variant has a finish similar to some of OnePlus' older models. That means the exterior surface is glossy, but with a light-diffusing layer underneath to give it a frosted/matte appearance. 

Zooming into the camera unit, we can clearly see three lenses and a two-tone LED flash unit, plus, since all of the lenses have a similar round appearance, it doesn't appear that OnePlus will be equipping it with a periscope-style optical zoom. 

We do - however - see another confirmation of Hasselblad's influence in colour processing, with its logo stamped prominently in the middle of the camera unit. 

Apart from that, there's little else to be gleaned from the images, except that in some of them, the models are wearing OnePlus' next-gen premium wireless earbuds: the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. And those are in colours to match the two phones. 

OnePlus has already confirmed that this phone will be launching on 7 February at an event in New Delhi, India, so we can only assume that it will continue to drip feed information about its specifications and features over the coming weeks. 

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