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Thursday 29 December 2022

Amazon considering standalone live sports streaming service

Amazon is reportedly considering a standalone app that will be home to its streamed live sports.

It currently shows live Premier League and tennis tournament matches in the UK, plus NFL and New York Yankees games in the US as part its Prime Video service and app. However, it is said to be doubling down on live sports and the potential for a separate application is being explored.

The Information states that "people briefed on the conversations" claim that Amazon has discussed the new app internally, although there is no word on whether it would be an additional paid service (to Prime) or even if it will go ahead.

We can see why Amazon would want to separate its services. Amazon Prime Video is already a busy affair, with TV shows and movies that are included with a Prime subscription, and plenty that aren't - which you have to pay for additionally. Then, there are other channels you can subscribe to. Indeed, on the build-up to the Boxing Day football in the UK, we found it hard to find the Premier League coverage amongst the Christmas films and the like.

Amazon also has a recent track record of splitting out some content into its own app. Freevee was launched as a separate service in the latter half of 2022, having previously been available in the Prime Video app itself (in the UK, at least).

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