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Friday, 16 December 2022

Find the perfect videogame Christmas gifts with Kinguin

Christmas is just around the corner, and you might be rushing to get the ideal gift for friends and family. If you've got gamers among your loved ones (and who doesn't?), Kinguin has just the presents you're after. You might even convince a non-gamer to start playing.

The Kinguin website offers CD keys for a vast selection of games from every genre. You can grab any key you like for a fraction of the regular price. Plus, since the entire transaction is done online, your perfect Christmas gift can be ready in less than a minute!

If you're worried about finding keys for some of the latest titles, Kinguin has that covered. If a game is remotely popular, the site will likely have it. And not only that â€" Kinguin has different keys that cover game editions on various platforms, including full-game keys as well as options for specific DLCs.

Featured game summaries

As previously mentioned, Kinguin offers CD keys for practically every blockbuster game across all genres. Here are some examples of flagship titles in five distinct genres: superhero, sports, RPG, shooter, and adventure.

Superhero â€" Spiderman: Miles Morales

Miles Morales has been featured in comic books as Spiderman for over a decade. More recently, the character has been brought to the spotlight with the fan-favourite, critically acclaimed animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

After many instances of Miles being an unlockable character in various Spiderman and other superhero games, he finally debuted as the central hero of his own game.

Spiderman: Miles Morales features an excellent story on par with the most engaging adventures of the original Spiderman. The action allows the player to swing around the city and use Spiderman's web shooters in inventive ways. But Miles has another trick up his sleeve: his bioelectric abilities.

If someone you know is a fan of comic books, Miles Morales will be an excellent pickup.

Sports â€" FIFA 23

As the final EA soccer game to feature the 'FIFA' title, FIFA 23 is a worthy successor to a long-standing lineage of amazing sports games. 

Gamers familiar with FIFA games will find all of the standard features associated with the IP. The gameplay is somewhat polished but pretty much the same as ever. However, certain welcome additions make FIFA 23 even more exciting.

Namely, features like power shots and similar theatrical aspects of the game will briefly cross the line between the soccer gameplay and cinematic experiences. Other improvements include the goalies, which now have each finger individually simulated, making the last line of defence more exciting.

FIFA 23 might be the last title of its name, but it's guaranteed to make FIFA games go out with a bang.

RPG â€" Elden Ring 

The term 'souls-like' has been applied to many games ever since the original Dark Souls came out. Some of the titles deserved the comparison while others fell short. Elden Ring brings out some of the best qualities of souls-like games, particularly in combat. The similarity becomes obvious as soon as you get to the first boss fight.

Yet, Elden Ring has more than tough battles. The game is a sprawling RPG that pulls you into its world. You begin the game as the 'Tarnished' â€" a character of little renown. From that all-time low point, you need to battle your way up while exploring the living history of the world and growing your character into a genuine hero. 

Best of all, the open world of Elden Ring doesn't overwhelm the player like is often the case with massive sandbox RPGs. Every step of the way feels organic, fresh, and exciting, whether you're discovering a new part of the map or meeting a familiar character.

Souls-like games are not for the casual crowd, but the RPG genre has a lot to offer particularly for hardcore gamers, you can check out Elden Ring on Kinguin's store.

Shooter â€" COD: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 represents the Call of Duty formula perfected to the teeth. Unlike some previous entries, this title doesn't rely on gimmicks and doesn't try too hard to streamline the experience. Instead, Modern Warfare 2 does precisely what a COD game should do: be a fantastic shooter.

The gunplay is among the finest the franchise has to offer, setting the bar for gamers extremely high. With realistic ballistics, you'll need to consider different factors when battling in smaller 6v6 maps and Ground War matches. On the other hand, the operator movement has been deliberately nerfed, creating a more tactical arena where you have to consider every move. 

Modern Warfare has various multiplayer options but also features an engaging, and sadly a bit straightforward, campaign mode. Fans of the franchise will be excited to see the legendary Captain Price back, accompanied by none other than Ghost. The squad will go through a number of memorable missions where the player can show their tactical prowess.

Call of Duty has been a fan favourite for almost two decades and Modern Warfare 2 is set to continue that trend.

Adventure â€" Horizon Zero Dawn

People who love vast open worlds with intricate lore, unique characters, and dangerous enemies will feel right at home with Horizon Zero Dawn.

The premise of the game revolves around a deep mystery that reaches to the very core of the game world. The journey of discovery is enhanced by your character, Aloy, who is wonderfully written and perfectly voice-acted.

Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of charm in terms of its story and profound themes, but the game doesn't sacrifice gameplay to bring up those aspects. Combat is one of the most engaging mechanics of the game, with a large variety of enemies and a very flexible system.

Simultaneously with the exploration and discovery of Aloy and the world she inhabits, you'll get to upgrade your weapons and combat skills. The RPG features are integrated seamlessly into this adventure experience, making it easy to sink hours on end into the game.

Adventure games might be the perfect way to lure someone into gaming, and few titles can beat the polish of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Gift the perfect game to your friends or family

The gaming industry has reached a point where we have so many options that the choices seem unlimited. Within the diversity of genres and individual titles, everyone can find a game that seems tailored for them.

Kinguin is a third-party retailer with over 140,000 games and other digital products in a single place. This is why the platform has become the trusted retailer for over 14 million customers. But such a large choice comes with an obvious question: Where to start?

Luckily, the answer is quite straightforward: The Kinguin Deal Hunter app, available as a Chrome extension, can help you find the game you're looking for and locate the best deals. 

Even better, Kinguin offers a chance to win free games through the limited-time Kinguin contest. Gaming deals don't come better than that, and the contest is open until 23 December, so jump on and win free premium games right now!

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