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Monday, 19 December 2022

We could soon get a cheaper, ad-supported Xbox Game Pass tier

Microsoft is considering a cheaper, ad-supported tier for its Xbox Game Pass service... if users want it.

That's according to an "official survey" that was reportedly sent to some Xbox owners, asking whether they would be willing to pay less for a version of Game Pass that strips out some features, and adds commercials when starting a game.

The tier would cost $2.99 a month - considerably less than the $9.99 for standard Game Pass, $14.99 for Game Pass Ultimate.

However, it would only offer a truncated selection of games to download, including first-party titles that have been available for six-months or longer. Regular Game Pass subscribers get to play games on the day of their release, plus 100s of other titles.

It won't include cloud play access neither, so games will only be available on the Xbox console owned.

Microsoft has also recently developed technology that can play adverts during a game, so it's not yet known whether this will factor too.

Of course, the survey may not amount to much anyway. However, with Disney+ and Netflix also adding cheaper, ad-supported tiers in recent times, there is a precedent to offering a viable subscription alternative for those with less cash in their pockets.

We'll bring you more if and when we find out additional details.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/xbox/163874-we-could-soon-get-a-cheaper-ad-supported-xbox-game-pass-tier

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