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Friday 16 December 2022

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro headsets - high fidelity audio with a fresh new look

SteelSeries has made some of our favourite ever gaming headsets - stretching back years into the past, even. Its latest headsets are a bit of a marvel, too, rewriting the design language of the brand in a really refreshing way.

The Arctis Nova Pro and Arctis Nova Pro Wireless slot in right at the top of the game, with sound quality and features that many competitors simply can't match. We're going to run through a few factors that play into making them some of the very best gaming headsets you can pick up right now.

Supreme sound

The core of what makes SteelSeries so impressive on the headset front is an obvious one - its headsets sound incredible and make your games sound like real life. The Arctis Nova Pro lineup pushes this even further with 360-degree spatial audio that locates you precisely in the game world.

The drivers at the core of each headset are fine-tuned to sound incredible, and the addition of active noise-cancellation means that you can rely on being totally enveloped in the game you're playing, free from outside distractions or droning background noise.

This is the sort of audio that gives you an advantage in multiplayer games, and elevates singleplayer experiences to whole new levels. It has to be heard to be believed.

Amazing comfort

The Arctis Nova Pro and Nova Pro Wireless look a little different to the last few years' worth of Arctis headsets, with a redesigned headband and earcups, totally changing the look. The good news is that it's a good change - this is as lightweight and comfortable a pro-grade headset as we've tried in ages.

The earcups are so pillowy you almost won't believe it, while the headband once again suspends some weight above your head to reduce the strain on you. This means you can easily play with them on for hours at a time without even really noticing, the gold mark of quality for a headset.

Brilliant microphones

Microphones are now a key part of making a top-level headset, since chatting socially in-game is similarly a massive factor for most gamers now. Thankfully, SteelSeries has continued its pedigree on this front, too. The fully retractable microphone is even more subtle than in previous Arctis headsets when it's folded away, disappearing completely.

When it's out and in use, though, you'll come through loud and clear with easy-to-hear voice pickup and clarity, plus a clever noise reduction system to ensure that only your voice comes through, not any background noise.

Sonar support

Unlocking the full potential of these marvellous headsets is easy with SteelSeries revamped Sonar software, too. It's a brilliant suite of options on your PC that lets you fine-tune exactly how your headset sounds and works.

You can customise your audio profile, adjust levels and activate full spatial audio, which also works flawlessly on both Xbox Series X/S and PS5. It's the cherry on top if you want that added bit of customisation.

Full control

Whether you pick up the wired or wireless version of the Arctis Nova Pro, you get a brilliant control unit to give you more granular control while you game. In the wired case it's a new version of SteelSeries' GameDAC to make your sound incredible and let you adjust volume and microphone pickup on the fly.

For the wireless version, its base station lets you control levels, but also charges a hot-swappable battery so that you can never run out of power while you're gaming. It even lets you swap between two wireless connections at once - perfect for gaming across different devices.

The Arctis Nova Pro range is a new high water-mark for gaming headsets - find out more and order your own today from SteelSeries!

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