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Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Real People Search overview: The best free people search tool

There are several different reasons why you would want to carry out a reverse people search. Looking to reconnect with an old dating partner? Retrace your family tree? Find out if your neighbour has a criminal past? These days, just about anyone can strap on a detective hat and call themselves Sherlock Holmes, as it has never been easier to investigate and locate anyone with just a click of a button. 

A basic people search can allow you to locate a long-lost relative or acquaintance, as well as conduct a deep background check on any individual that you may be suspicious of or simply want to know more about. In most cases, you will be supplied with their name, contact information, social accounts, etc. 

In this respect, we decided to review one of the top reverse lookup services in the market, Real People Search, which is able to provide extremely in-depth and authoritative reports that even detail important facts like a person's criminal history, educational background, marriage and divorce records, property asset history, financial history, and more. 

Also, despite the fact that the amount of information that is available for public viewing can often prove to be shocking, the benefit of using such a people search service is that the entire process is 100% legal.

What is Real People Search?

Real People Search is a people lookup platform that allows users to conduct instant background checks on any individual by scanning millions of records across multiple online databases in minutes. This means that you can find information on an individual such as their contact information, social media profiles, educational background, property details, arrest records, and more. 

And while there are similar services available online such as Intelius and Spokeo, what makes Real People Search so unique is that it offers the same amount of in-depth information without charging its users anything to utilize its platform. This means that you can easily conduct an unlimited number of deep background searches at no cost to you whatsoever. 

The service also compiles all the matching results it finds online into comprehensive background reports that can be downloaded and are both extremely accurate and up-to-date. This can be especially useful when searching for yourself, as you can flag any inaccurate details to ensure that they do not affect your online persona. 

Aside from that, the online platform also comes with multiple search options, such as phone lookup, address lookup, and email lookup, which can be especially useful when you have a limited amount of information on a target to work with.

Why should I conduct a people search?

1. Track down criminals

Conducting a people search using a service like Real People Search can often prove useful when attempting to track down someone who may be evading the courts or laws. For instance, if you want to serve someone with a court order but they seem to be avoiding you, then carrying out a people search can actually help you track them down, even to their current location.

2. Investigate your neighbours

Protecting your family is extremely important, which is why you must always be prepared to take every precaution necessary to ensure their safety and care. This means making sure that your neighbours do not have a criminal past that could jeopardize their safety, hence the importance of a background search. With a service like Real People Search, it is very easy to get a full background report on them that details their contact information, online accounts, criminal past (if any), etc.

3. Trace someone from your past

One of the most important advantages of using a people search engine is that you can easily locate long-lost relatives or old friends. If you only have their name, email, or address, you can learn more about them. You may retrieve info such as where they reside now and what their phone number and email addresses are. You can receive their contact information and contact them right away if you use such platforms. 

4. Verify online dating profiles

If you happen to have connected with someone on an online dating site, then chances are you are making plans to meet them in person. However, the problem with online dating is that you are probably feeling apprehensive about meeting someone who may not be who they say they are. 

However, you can conduct a quick people search using the limited amount of information you have from their profile to get a full background report on them, so that you can be sure that you'll be safe should you meet them in real life.

5. Probe into new contacts

When using a people search engine like Real People Search, you can conduct an in-depth probe into the identity of an unknown person. This makes it easy to tell if they are a fraud or perhaps failing to share accurate information with you, which can often prove to be invaluable, especially if you intend to conduct business with them.

6. Review your digital footprint

Besides investigating other people, one of the advantages of using a people search tool is that you can inspect your own digital footprint to see how you appear to the outside world. In other words, you can conduct a background check on yourself, which can often prove useful to confirm that the information available online is not only accurate but also doesn't paint a negative picture of you. 

This can be especially helpful nowadays since most employers and investors tend to conduct online background checks on people they intend to work with or hire.

How to use Real People Search to find a person?

Conducting a people search via Real People Search is as simple and straightforward as using Google to search for information. It only takes a few steps, and within minutes you will have access to the details on the target that you require.

Step 1: Input the person's full name

The first step that you need to take is to simply head over to the Real People Search homepage and enter the name of the target in the search bar. Alternatively, if you have an address, email, or phone number, you can input those details in their relevant sections to start the search.

Step 2: Await the search results

Once the search process begins, the platform will scan multiple online databases for a matching entry. This process should not take longer than a few minutes and once complete you will be provided with a comprehensive background report on the target that should detail their contact information, criminal history, employment background, etc.

Step 3: Review the background report

You will be able to analyze the background report for the information you are looking for, and should you want to review the report later, you have the option of downloading it. Also, since the platform is completely free to use, you can conduct as many background searches as you want by simply repeating the process from Step 1.

What information can I find using Real People Search?

Using Real People Search, you will be able to access basic details on the target, such as their full name, age, gender, photos, educational background, employment history, etc. You will also be able to find any social media accounts that are associated with them, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 

The reverse lookup service will provide you with access to their contact information, such as their phone numbers, both current and past, as well as any email addresses that are associated with them. Furthermore, you may have access to additional details like their location, which could include past and present residential addresses. 

You may even learn more about who their neighbours are, as well as get details about them such as their names and phone numbers. Aside from that, a background report via Real People Search may come with records tied to their criminal history, such as traffic records and arrest records. In some cases, you may even be privy to the person's financial history, which can include details on any tax liens and debt information.

What services does Real People Search provide?

1. Phone Number Search

You can easily conduct a reverse number search via Real People Search to uncover the identity of an unknown caller and protect yourself from any scammers, pranksters, or fraudsters that may be attempting to get a hold of you. It also makes it easy for you to locate someone that you may have lost contact with in the past, like an old friend or relative.

 2. Address Lookup

Real People Search also comes with an address lookup tool that facilitates location searches, which means that you can identify the owner of a property or business within minutes. This can be especially useful when trying to learn more about your neighbours or a business entity, for example.


3. Email Lookup

Whenever you find yourself receiving an email from someone you aren't familiar with, it can often be difficult to tell if the person behind it is genuine or if it is just another phishing scam. In such situations, conducting an email lookup can often prove invaluable, as you can trace an email back to the sender and determine their true identity as well as other contact information like their phone number, for instance.


4. Background Check

If you are looking to find out more about someone's past, one of the best ways to go about the process is to conduct a background check on them. And the benefit of using Real People Search is that their search engine is able to access county, state, and federal databases, which enables you to access publicly available details such as employment history, educational background, property records, marital status, criminal records, etc.

5. Public Records

In the past, it used to be quite a tedious process to find public records on an individual or business entity, as you would often be forced to visit government agencies and request access. However, with a reverse lookup tool like Real People Search, the entire process has never been easier, as the platform will scan all public databases for any matching entries with just the click of a button.

6. Who Called Me

There's nothing more frustrating than having to deal with unknown callers, especially given the fact that there are so many telemarketers out there constantly trying to sell you something. However, with Real People Search, you no longer have to be confused or feel anxious about who calls you, as you only need to input the number and you will have access to all the details related to the registered owner such as their name, email address, location, social profiles, etc.

Is Real People Search a legal service?

Despite the rather awkward nature of conducting a background search on someone, it is completely legal to use Real People Search to find out more about an individual. The main reason for this is that under the Freedom of Information Act, you are entitled to access any information that has been made publicly available. 

And considering the fact that the service only retrieves public information from online sources, this means that any information it generates on someone is completely fair game. However, it is important to keep in mind that Real People Search is not officially recognized as a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, which means that the information it retrieves cannot be used for employment or commercial purposes.

Real People Search alternatives

1. Google

You can easily conduct a quick people search using a basic search engine like Google, as you only need to input the person's name, email, address, or phone number and hit search. It will then retrieve all matching results at no cost to you whatsoever. 

However, the problem with this method is that it can be extremely limited and time-consuming, compared to using a people search service that will often be linked to partner sites and online databases to provide you with more in-depth information on the target.

2. Social media

Social media is another practical option worth considering, as most online users will utilize their real names, email addresses, and phone numbers to create online accounts on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even dating profiles. This means that you can find information on someone by looking up their name, number, or address and seeing what pops up on the search bar. 

However, similar to Google, the problem with this method is that, compared to a people search service, it doesn't always produce the results you want, if any.

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