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Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Instagram's new sharing features will sound awfully familiar

Instagram has announced a number of improved sharing features and some of them will be instantly familiar to users of other high-profile apps.

While Instagram has announced a handful of features they're all about sharing content in new ways, starting with Notes. The feature is very similar to WhatsApp's Status and allows people to add a short message to their profile that can be used to say how they're feeling and more.

When we say short, we mean it - Instagram is limiting notes to just 60 characters. The Notes then appear at the top of your friends' inbox and only for 24 hours. After that, they're gone.

Another tweak is actually a pair of features that are coming to Stories. People can now invite people to participate in Add Yours in Stories for the first time, while Candid Stories are another addition that will feel familiar. It's like BeReal, and people receive notifications to share "a candid" with their friends. Just like BeReal, candids are only visible to people who share them themselves, too.

Tell them what's really on your mind 

Share your thoughts with Notes â€" and see what your friends are up to

â€" Instagram (@instagram) December 13, 2022

Beyond all that, group profiles will soon allow people to create and join groups of people under a single profile. Collaborative collections will also be a new way for people to connect with friends around a shared interest, we're told. People will then save posts to a collaborative collection in a group or individual DM, too.

There's a lot going on at Instagram right now and while most of it is available now, some of it is still very much in the testing phase. You can learn more about what Instagram has cooking in the announcement post linked below, too.

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