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Monday, 12 December 2022

Google Chrome's passkey support will help kill passwords for good

Google Chrome now supports passkeys, removing another barrier to entry and helping the internet move ever closer to a password-free world.

While Google had already added passkey support to Chrome Canary, the feature is now available in Chrome Stable M108, opening the door for more people to take advantage of the new security option.

Passkeys are a safer alternative to passwords that cannot be used, meaning they are less likely to cause a huge security breach whenever a single account is compromised. What's more, server breaches and other leaks can't out your passkey, whereas passwords can and have been compromised in such a way in the past. Each passkey is stored on-device for added safety, too.

Google isn't the first to add support for passkeys and there's a whole standard around them. But by including support within Chrome it instantly opens the door for more users who might otherwise have not learned about passkeys. And once all set up, Chrome users can autofill their passkeys at will as well.

The new passkey support is available on Windows 11, macOS, and Android, Google says.

All of this is of course good news, but it isn't all that's needed for people to make use of passkeys. Web developers still need to add support to their websites and services, something that is beginning to happen more and more.

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