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Friday, 16 December 2022

Get up to £325 off the new Pixel 6a with this incredible deal

Are you in the market for a new phone but don't want to spend a fortune? If so, here's a deal you might not want to miss!

Up until 15th January 2023, upgrade to a Pixel 6a and get up to £325 off when you trade in your old phone.

Keep reading to learn more about this incredible offer.

What does the offer include?

This offer includes a trade-in discount of up to £325 off the Pixel 6a when you trade in your old phone. The savings depend on your old phone's model, condition, and age, but the exact amount will be determined when you make your trade-in.

The typical representative amount for this offer is £325 for an iPhone 11. Even better, you can rest assured the Pixel 6a is worth your money, thanks to a list of impressive features.

Why take this deal?

It's easy and convenient

Google's trade-in program is easy and convenient. All you have to do is select the type of device you want to trade in and answer a few questions about its condition. You'll then get an estimate of how much your device is worth. Once you accept the quote, you'll be sent a postage box to mail it safely and securely.

It's super fast

If you're looking for a quick reward, Google's trade-in program is the way to go. After receiving and processing your device, you can expect store credit or cash within 14 days. With most other retailers, you'd have to wait months or potentially years to get your reward.

Environmentally friendly

When you recycle your old phone with Google's trade-in program, your device won't end up in a landfill but will be refurbished or used as spare parts by certified partners. So not only will you get money off your new phone, but you'll also be helping to reduce e-waste.

As a bonus, using the trade-in service ensures that data stored on your old device is wiped clean so that none of your personal information remains accessible once it leaves your hands.

The Pixel 6a is a special device

Here are a few reasons why the Google Pixel 6a could be the perfect device for you:

Design and build quality

The Pixel 6a has a sleek design and build that sets it apart from other devices in its class. It weighs just 178 grams (6.28 ounces), making it lightweight enough for comfortable everyday use.

The front of the device is made of Gorilla Glass 3 for maximum protection, while the back and frame are made of aluminium and plastic, respectively. This combination ensures your phone will remain safe from scratches and falls in even the most clumsy hands.

When considering the price, there's no denying that the design aesthetic of the Google Pixel 6a makes it look much more pricey than it is.


The display on the Pixel 6a is truly something special - it boasts OLED technology with HDR for vivid colours and sharp contrasts. The screen measures 6.1 inches, giving you plenty of room to watch movies or play games without squinting at the screen.

Plus, the always-on display feature gives you quick access to key information without having to unlock your phone each time.


The Pixel 6a runs on Android 12, which is upgradable to Android 13, so you will always have access to the latest technologies and software updates. In addition, it has Google Tensor 5nm chipsets and an octa-core CPU, making it incredibly fast and efficient.

These features allow you to enjoy its smooth performance while multitasking or playing games.


With the dual 12.2 MP main camera and single 8 MP selfie camera, the Google Pixel 6a helps you capture stunning photos that will be the envy of all your friends. No matter what the subject â€" sunsets, food, landscapes â€" the focus and sharpness from this device ensures that your photo gallery always looks professional-grade.

And with its fast anti-distortion shutter and AI-based imaging technologies, you'll always get photos as vibrant and crisp as if a pro photographer was behind the lens.


The Pixel 6a offers enough space to store your entire digital life with 128GB of internal storage. And that's not all - UFS 3.1 technology helps boost performance so you can access, save and retrieve files quickly without any lag or stutter.

You'll love the extra muscle from the 6GB of RAM, which will keep things running smoothly. It may not have a card slot, but with that much storage coming right out of the box, you may not even miss it.


Your phone's battery is critical, and the Pixel 6a offers superior performance in this area. The powerful Li-Po 4410 mAh battery will keep you going all day.

When it's time to refuel, the device's 18W wired charging with PD3.0 support technology ensures that you are quickly back in action.

It's a deal you don't want to mMiss

Upgrading your phone can be expensive, but with this deal, it doesn't have to be. You save money while still getting the latest technology and features. Why not take this great opportunity to get a modern phone without breaking the bank?

Don't wait any longer. Take advantage of this amazing offer before it expires.


  • Upon receipt of your traded Device, Google Store reserves the right to inspect it to determine its condition and ascertain its eligibility for trade-in credit; if it does not meet all the requirements, the initial estimate may be revised.
  • If your device is determined to be worth less than 75% of the initial trade-in estimate, it will be deemed ineligible for the program and returned to you.
  • Once approved, Google Store will refund your payment method on record; if unable to refund directly back onto said payment method, you will receive Google Store credit instead.
  • To receive the original trade-in estimate, you must send your old device within 14 days of receiving your new Google Pixel 6a phone. If you fail to do so within this timeframe, the estimated value may be adjusted.
  • If your trade-in device is worth more than the cost of your new phone, the difference will be converted into Google Store credit.
  • You cannot make a trade-in request for whatever reason after you have returned your new device to Google. If your old phone is processed in these circumstances, you can only receive Google Store credits.
  • For customers who finance their purchase with Klarna, refunds for any successful trade-in transactions will also be processed by Klarna in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.

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