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Friday, 16 December 2022

Asus teases the launch of 3D OLED laptop at CES 2023

Asus might be preparing to launch a new notebook with a 3D OLED display at CES 2023.

We're expecting a number of launches at the Las Vegas show in January, and Asus has been quiet about its plans.

Save the date. Witness the change.

See you at #ASUS #CES2023 #ASUSLaunchEvent

â€" ASUS (@ASUS) December 10, 2022

However, the company has started a teaser campaign, not only confirming its launch event, but dropping a few hints about what to expect.

First of all there are the general visuals that Asus has been putting out over socials, using a 2D image that's actually 3D as the perspective changes.

Then there's the reemergence of Magic Eye-style images. Yes, if you've still got the technique, take a look at the image above and you'll see the message pop out of the centre.

What - you mean you've forgotten how to selectively switch the focal point of your eyes? Tsk - you kids don't even know you were born. It says 3D OLED, clear as day.

Finally, and this sort of gives the game away, Asus has shared images showing a laptop, saying "A new dimension for OLED", with paper decorations popping out of the screen with deep perspective (at the top of this story).

So Asus is probably going to launch a laptop with some sort of 3D OLED display. But do we want to return to that sort of tech having ditched most 3D tech about a decade ago?

Well, perhaps Asus is going to take things further than just displaying images with greater immersive depth. The top bezel of the laptop displayed seems to have a proliferation of cameras, and there's no shortage of devices that are now using multiple cameras to add depth into imagery.

We're now in the post-3D age, where we're more interested in augmented reality - and we suspect this is a bigger play into the metaverse. What if Asus' new laptop is going to be able to accurately track movements and present a 3D visual space that adapts as your head moves - all while rendering you in 3D for those watching you?

Certainly, we now have more questions than answers - but fortunately we're going to be out in Las Vegas to bring you all the information you need.

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