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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

The Volvo EX90 aims to be the safest car on the road

Volvo has long been saying that it sees a future where Volvo cars aren't involved in any accidents. It has been building on that safety message - something its cars are known for - since 2007, and it wants to make a big step forward the Volvo EX90.

The Volvo EX90 - the company's future flagship electric car - will be unveiled on 9 November, but Volvo is saying that it will come with an invisible shield of safety to protect those in the car from the world around it. It's as much about understanding the outside world as it is about understanding what's happening in the car.

Jim Rowan, CEO, outlined that protection would come from eight cameras, five radars, 16 ultrasonic sensors and LiDAR system to understand the outside world. These will work together to create a 360-degree real-time view of the world.

The LiDAR array will be embedded in the roofline of the car, with Volvo saying that it can spot a pedestrian at 250 metre distances, or a tyre lying on the road at 120 metres - in day or night.

Sensors and algorithms will interpret what happens within the car too. If the driver falls ill, the Volvo EX90 will be able to bring itself to a safe stop and call for help, while distractions can also be detected, allowing the car to nudge you back to attentiveness.

This will be powered by a pair of cameras that will track eye-gaze patterns, which, thanks to research findings, can be used to gauge how the driver is behaving. If the eyes are closing for long periods, or if attention is diverted away from the road, it may indicate that there's a problem.

Both systems will work together, with Volvo aiming to reduce car accidents to zero, be that the fault of the driver of the car or because of conditions outside the car.

Beyond that, we don't know much about the new model, but we're guessing it's going to be closely related the current XC90. All will be revealed on 9 November.

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