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Friday, 30 September 2022

Dashlane supports IT professionals today and every day

National IT Professionals Day was on Tuesday, 20 September. It's a time when we recognise and pay respects to the experts who make our modern way of life possible.

This day is also the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the various tools designed to improve our everyday experience in the digital world. Specialised services like Dashlane represent just that.

While cybersecurity might seem like an area exclusively reserved for IT experts, the truth is that it's everybody's job. Following best practices in cybersecurity makes the IT professional's job easier and avoids unnecessary complications. Plus, it helps businesses stay more efficient.

Every year, employees spend a massive amount of time dealing with password-related issues. This includes resetting passwords, which is the cause for up to 50 per cent of calls to help desks, according to the Gartner Group.

The 11 or so hours that employees spend fixing their passwords yearly don't seem too significant. However, the effect of that time waste is pretty obvious in larger businesses, which can lose over $5 million annually.

As an excellent password manager, Dashlane can be of great assistance with all those issues. Installing tools like this on your private computer or in an office would be an ideal way to celebrate National IT Professionals Day this year.

What is National IT Professionals Day?

As mentioned, National IT Professionals Day is dedicated to IT experts.

We use computers and internet technologies every day. For that reason, it's easy to take technology for granted and forget that it's dependent on the hard work and expertise of dedicated individuals.

Plenty of technical expertise goes into making computer systems work nationwide. This includes the work of developers, database and system administrators, network and data engineers, and many others.

National IT Professionals Day takes place every September on the third Tuesday of the month. The holiday was first announced in 2015, but it became even more prominent in recent years. During the global pandemic, IT professionals were under heavy pressure.

While the world was locking down, their work remained vital for businesses, trades, and essential services to stay afloat.

These circumstances helped raise awareness of the pivotal role IT experts play in our society. As a result, the holiday dedicated to them came into the spotlight more than ever before. This was, of course, a change for the better in terms of recognising the contribution of the IT sector.

What is Dashlane?

Password management can be an essential service for businesses and private individuals. With employees in some jobs having up to 100 passwords, remembering them all becomes practically impossible.

This is where Dashlane comes in. With this system implemented company-wide, each employee will need to know only one password - the master password for Dashlane itself.

The service stores all of your passwords and can auto-fill your credentials every time you need to log in. Dashlane is available as a browser extension, an iOS app, and an Android app.

Right now, over 20,000 businesses and 15 million people are using Dashlane to protect their passwords. While it gained recognition in private use, it has proven as a highly efficient system for businesses.

But thinking of Dashlane as just another password manager would be wrong. It offers several useful features that many other services lack.

Firstly, the service monitors dark web activity related to your login credentials. If any of your details are detected within a data breach, you'll get an instant alert as soon as it happens. In such situations, Dashlane will also give you some useful recommendations for upgrading your account security.

Dashlane also provides plenty of flexibility when it comes to password auto-filling. It's possible to disable this option for any stored passwords so that you don't get logged-in automatically whenever you visit certain websites.

Plus, you can protect the auto-fill option for particular passwords. In that case, Dashlane will require you to enter the master password to complete the login. In other words, even if someone else uses your computer, they won't be able to access those accounts.

Dashlane features end-to-end encryption and a zero-knowledge design. This means you only have access to your data - not even Dashlane itself is privy to it. In terms of security, Dashlane has never experienced a data breach in the more than 13 years it has been present in the market.

Finally, all this functionality comes packed in an award-winning user interface that has already become a favorite of employees worldwide.

Celebrate National IT Professionals Day with advanced password management

It is important that we remember IT experts and celebrate the holiday dedicated to them each September. Without their hard work, our world would look much different and we wouldn't have steady access to the wonders of modern technology.

Dashlane certainly represents an important aspect of that technology. Best of all, you can try it out right now for free.

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