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Friday 23 September 2022

Monitor Audio celebrates 50 years with pricey Platinum Series 3G speakers

Fifty years in the hi-fi biz deserves something of a celebration, and Monitor Audio is marking it with a brand new flagship speaker range that goes all-in on sound quality and all-out on price.

The Platinum Series 3G is a culmination of five decades of expertise, and is an unashamed celebration of what can be done when you focus on performance and throw budget concerns out of the window.

There are four speakers in the range, which will suit both stereo and multi-channel home cinema setups. The Platinum 100 3G stand mounts kick things off at £4,500/€5,500​/$6,000​ a pair, followed by the Platinum 200 3G mid-sized floorstanders (£9,000/€11,000/$12,000), the Platinum 250 3G centre channel (£3,500/€4,750/$5,250) and the £11,500/€14,000​/$15,500 flagship floorstanders, the Platinum 300 3G.

They're the first range to officially feature the company's new MPD III tweeter (the 3rd generation Micro Pleated Diaphragm high frequency transducer, if you please), which was unveiled earlier this year as part of the company's impressive Concept 50 prototype. This aims to reduce distortion (the lowest in Monitor Audio's history, don't you know) and flatten the frequency response, while improving soundstage and sensitivity. The result is promised to be a larger, clearer and more consistent sound.

Of course, that's not all. There's also smoother transitions between the frequency ranges thanks to improved mid-range drivers, stronger cone technology for more precise performance under pressure and refined crossovers for a more controlled sound throughout the spectrum â€" not to mention all-new cabinets to ensure vibrations are stopped in their tracks. They're an impressive bit of kit to say the least - and at that price, you'd hope so too.

The full Platinum Series 3G range will be available in December, and will be offered in a choice of Piano Black, Piano Ebony, and Pure Satin White. 

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