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Tuesday 27 September 2022

It'll soon be easier to switch between Facebook and Instagram profiles

Meta is testing new tools to make your life easier if you run multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts for different uses. 

The company has announced that it is adding its Accounts Center to both apps. So users will be able to more easily switch between personal, business and brand accounts. Ideal if you're trying to manage multiple things for your own use or for business purposes. 

In future, you'll be able to see when you've got notifications for each app as they'll be conveniently displayed in one place. More importantly though, you'll be able to switch between the apps more easily. 

We're introducing new features that make it easier to create, switch between and get notified for multiple profiles on @facebook and @instagram.

â€" Meta Newsroom (@MetaNewsroom) September 26, 2022

Instagram has had the ability to switch between accounts for a while now, but soon it should be easier to do the same on Facebook as well. It will also let you jump over from Facebook to Instagram more easily as well.

Meta has said that the new tool is being tested on the web and on Apple iPhones and Android smartphones as well. Though it is only a test at the moment and you'll have to wait for it to roll out. 

The company is also trying to make the process as seamless as possible. While also ensuring your accounts and secure. So if you turn on two-factor authentication on Facebook then both Facebook and Instagram will be protected. You'll also be notified when new accounts are created using your main account as well. 

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