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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Govee's TV Backlight T2 brings the ambiance to movie night

If you like the look of Philips Ambilight technology, but aren't in a position to replace your whole TV, smart lighting company Govee might have the answer. It has just announced the TV Backlight T2, the world's first dual-camera colour-match TV backlight with enhanced colour-matching accuracy.

The dual-camera device, which sits at the top of your screen, uses Govee's patented Envisual technology to scan the content you are watching and match the colours it sees with the colours that it projects onto the wall behind. To ensure the most accurate performance possible, it uses a "zone-division" capture method, which divides the screen into a number of zones. This helps it to pin-point colour changes more closely, and  deliver customised lighting effects no matter what you're watching.

Now in its second generation, the T2 improves upon Govee's Immersion T1 by capturing more than double the number of pixel dots every half-second, up from 171K pixel dots to 354K - no doubt helped by the extra camera in this model. This increases the colour matching accuracy by 40%.

It has also doubled the number of RGBIC light beads in its backlight to 60 per metre, for a more vibrant wall-washing effect, while also incorporating IC (Independent Control) chips into each light, so they can display multiple effects and colours in a single zone. This helps to create a more natural and smooth lighting transition between scenes. 

As you'd expect, you can pair the TV Backlight 2 with other Govee smart lights, and activate DreamView mode through the Govee Home App so they can all work together for an even greater impact. 

Easy to install and compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the TV Backlight T2 will be available first for 55-65-inch TVs, costing $139.99/£149.99/€149.99, with a 75-85-inch version coming to the US in October. 

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