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Friday 23 September 2022

You might be able to buy a Steam Deck without reservation soon

Valve has been working hard on delivering Steam Deck orders as fast as possible. So much so that it might well be fulfilling all current orders for the popular PC gaming handheld by the end of the year. 

The company has been making regular posts announcing that it has been increasing the speed of email invites for those who have reserved.

Production and distribution of the console are going well. So well in fact that Valve is already planning several versions of future Steam Decks. Now Valve has announced that it's likely to have all reservations filled very soon. With one exception:

Our distributor has hit a processing backlog for orders to Canada, so folks in this region will see a (very) temporary pause on order emails. We're working on it, and are optimistic we can resume emails to Canada soon. This doesn't impact emails or shipments to other regions.

â€" Steam Deck (@OnDeck) September 22, 2022

Things aren't going as smoothly in Canada it seems. Gamers in Canada who have reserved a Steam Deck may have to wait longer as Valve has said it's temporarily pausing due to distribution issues. 

However, with production continuing smoothly in other regions it's possible that in 2023 you may be able to order a Steam Deck without reserving one. Exciting times. 

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