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Thursday 29 September 2022

The energy revolution is here! SuperBase V - the first power station to have built-in semi-solid state battery

The global energy situation hasn't been looking particularly good lately. Communities worldwide have been exposed to grid failures and natural disasters, with millions of people affected by power shortages.

Worse yet, the cost of energy is still on the rise, making it harder to find universally affordable solutions.

On a different front, the steady increase in energy consumption has an adverse effect on the global climate. As a result, people are exposed to worsening weather conditions, especially in particularly vulnerable regions.

It's clear that the world needs more than a change in the energy plan - we need a revolution. And we might see just that happening with the latest technology advancements.

The technology in question is called SuperBase V, and it represents a breakthrough in energy infrastructure. This article will reveal what this revolutionary invention is and why it's so crucial for our modern world.

What is SuperBase V?

SuperBase V is a portable power station built for high-performance and versatile use. In fact, the "V" stands for "versatile."

The most impressive feature of this product is its semi-solid-state battery. This is a significant upgrade that makes SuperBase V the first portable power station with this battery type. Due to it, the station has unprecedented capacity potential, as well as increased safety.

The semi-solid battery can store over 42 per cent more energy compared to industry standard variants. Since the hybrid electrolyte lithium batteries used in SuperBase V are compact, the storage is expandable up to 10 times, reaching nearly 64,000Wh. 

While the battery technology is undoubtedly revolutionary, it's not the only component that makes the SuperBase V exceptional. Here are some other stand-out features:

  • Output: 3,800W-7,600W
  • Semi-solid state battery teaturing 6.4-64kWh capacity
  • Simultaneous dual voltage - 120V and 240V
  • UPS protection with zero downtime
  • Recharges in one hour with maximum input (66,000W)
  • 14 outputs
  • Voice control with Alexa or Google Home
  • RV output
  • Supports electric vehicle charging with level 2 charging
  • Recyclable

The SuperBase V can be connected to AC, solar panels, or satellite batteries, which means it can be recharged in almost every situation.

Nearly every aspect of this power station is industry-leading. From the semi-solid-state battery to an extended time of use, everything in SuperBase V is either on par with the latest industry achievements or never seen before in the market.

Potential uses of SuperBase V

The manufacturer has included versatility in the product's name for good reason. This portable power station can be beneficial in many different spaces and circumstances.

Firstly, the SuperBase V can be used as power storage in the home. With such a powerful backup, the household can be safe from shortages and blackouts. If the grid fails, the seamless UPS protection will kick in with no downtime whatsoever, preventing damage from sudden power cutouts or subsequent surges.

Secondly, as an expansion of the first point, the power station is ideal for emergencies. All of its traits make it the best option when the power needs to stay on. This is especially true when the station's power storage is expanded, as it can provide a steady supply of energy for longer.

Third, the SuperBase V is practically made for electric vehicles. One or even several units can be packed inside an EV car for extra precautions on the road. The SuperBase V is designed to receive input from public power stations, making it easy to recharge on the go. It features an adaptable convertor, while the main unit can convert any outlet from 120V AC to 240V AC.

Having a fully charged SuperBase V in the trunk of your EV car can mean you won't get stranded on the road. This power station can make the vehicle operable in less than an hour and a half and add an extra 40 miles to its range.

Similarly, you can use the SuperBase V in your RV. The power station is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, featuring housing with motorized wheels, an easy-to-grab handle, and AC/DC outlet. Since it has an impressive solar input of 3,000W, it can be recharged outdoors.

On the output side, this power station can provide a 25.6kWh supply if four batteries are used. In other words, the RV can function independently and with full power support. As a result, you'll need to make fewer stops for recharging.

Finally, the SuperBase V is extremely practical for camping and similar prolonged outdoor activities. The previously mentioned design features like motorized wheels allow for easy manipulation. The station can be moved to a different location with nothing more than a light push.

Since there are 14 ports for power output, every device or gadget necessary for camping can receive a steady power supply. Plus, the power station has built-in ambient lighting which will create a pleasant atmosphere at the campground at night.

Another bonus of SuperBase V, when used for camping, is that the station is housed in environmentally-friendly, recyclable packaging.

The company and inspiration behind SuperBase V

SuperBase V is manufactured by Zendure, a rapidly expanding tech company with a global base of operations. Zendure has locations in the world's leading hubs for technological innovation - the U.S. Silicon Valley, Japan, and China's Greater Bay Area.

The foundational ideas behind the company are to provide accessible, clean energy whenever and wherever it's needed the most. The development of revolutionary technologies like the SuperBase V is mostly due to this mindset. 

The inspiration for Zendure and its eco-friendly direction in energy supply came from the company's founder and CEO, Bryan Liu. 

He grew up in the Chinese countryside. Bryan's village was small and completely without electricity - the only source of light at night was the dim kerosene lamps. However, when Bryan was 8, the power line to his community was finally established, and that left a strong impression on him.

Suddenly, his entire life changed. Nights in the village became much safer and the electric lighting made studying and reading easier. At the same time, he gained access to worldwide information through television.

This shift for the better inspired Bryan to create Zendure on the principles of easily available energy. It led to the creation of SuperBase V and will likely continue to power the company's desire for innovation.

How can systems like SuperBase V help the world?

When communities are left without access to power, it doesn't only mean they're devoid of modern luxuries. Instead, every aspect of life becomes problematic, including heating and food preparation.

Unfortunately, a supply break can happen with any power source. Electrical power lines can be damaged by harsh weather such as storms or frost. The same applies to liquid fuel or gas. Pumps can break or lose power, wells can get so cold they can't be used properly, and gathering lines may freeze.

A versatile, portable power storage solution like the SuperBase V can help solve all those issues. When power is needed the most, such power stations can provide the necessary backup for extended periods. In certain situations, this can save sensitive equipment, entire households, and, most importantly, human lives.

In addition to such essential purposes, a portable power station with a semi-solid-state battery can represent a quality-of-life improvement. And if this breakthrough technology is already finding so many uses, we can only wait to see what future innovations will make possible.

You can become a part of the technological progress driven by Zendure. Visit the company's official website and get informed on how you can support their efforts on Kickstarter.

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