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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Amazon's new Alexa Voice Remote Pro plays a sound to help you find it

Along with a plethora of other devices, Amazon unveiled an updated version of its Fire TV voice-controlled remote, and this one has a handy feature to ensure you'll never lose it forever. 

The new Alexa Voice Remote Pro can be found when missing. All you have to do is say 'Alexa, find my remote' if you have an Echo/Alexa device in your home, or you use the remote finder button within the Fire TV app, and the remote will start ringing to help you find it. 

That's not all Amazon added to its remote either. There are two new customisable buttons which you can program to take you directly to your favourite apps or channels, or program them to perform Alexa smart home functions. 

That means you could have them programmed to turn off your smart lights if you want to, or program them to activate one of your Alexa routines you use the most often, switching off multiple devices at once (or whatever else you have it set to do).

Using motion sensors and backlighting, the remote can also light up when it detects that it's been picked up in low light conditions. For instance, when watching movies in bed at night.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro works with almost all Fire TV streaming devices and TVs with Fire TV and is available to pre-order from today for $34.99 in the US.  


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