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Thursday, 22 September 2022

These superb weekly deals from HP will get you gaming for less

HP's regularly-updating weekly deals offerings make for some of the best little secrets in the world of tech, offering up seriously chunky savings on devices that are both reliable and well-priced.

If you're an avid gamer, that should be music to your ears, since kitting yourself out with a full gaming setup can often be cost-prohibitive if you don't have any deals to fall back on. Right now you can pick up some excellent gaming deals from HP, enough to get you a superb pre-built PC along with a top-quality monitor and a quickfire mouse, all while saving hundreds of dollars in the process. You can check out all the weekly deals on offer right here, but we've grabbed some gaming greats for you below, too.

HP OMEN 40L Desktop

HP's biggest, beefiest gaming desktop is an absolute beast, with a super-powered NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card at its heart to ensure that you can crunch through even the most graphically demanding games with high settings and gorgeous graphical whizzbangs to enjoy.

It's not just a GPU, though - this computer also boasts a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor that means nothing gets throttled, and this actually means it's perfect as a dual-purpose machine, too, with productivity chops that will see even the most complex tasks breeze past you, whether that's video editing or simpler multitasking. With a huge $520 knocked off its price, there's no better time to buy, either.

HP OMEN 25i Gaming FHD Monitor

A great gaming PC is slightly wasted if you're hooking it up to a crummy old monitor from 2009 - if you haven't upgraded your monitor recently you'll be blown away by how good this model from HP looks. It's also expansive enought that your games will look great, but not so big that you'll need to get a new desk once it arrives, like many monitors.

As an IPS panel, it blends excellent colour-accuracy with great sharpness, which translates to a display that's ideal for both the vividness of scenes that you'll explore in your favourite games, but also for being able to pick out enemies or details even when they're just a speck on the horizon. It's got a welcome discount and would pair really well with the Omen PC we've showcased above.

HyperX Pulsefire Dart mouse

Once you have a monitor and a PC, there are a few additions you need to make before everything's perfect, and having a truly great gaming mouse is a big part of that - after all, it's one of the ways in which you'll actually be constantly interacting with your PC.

HyperX, which is owned by HP, makes some of the best options going, and the Pulsefire Dart is right up there near the top of the list. It's insanely lightweight to make it easy to play for long sessions, and with ultra-quick wireless response times you can enjoy lag-free gaming without getting tangled in wires. This crazy discount takes it down to just $34.99, a pretty wild price.

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