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Wednesday, 7 September 2022

The speed of sunlight: New Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro enables fast solar charging

Solar charging has been advertised as the technology of the future. And indeed, it's currently one of the cleanest ways to get the power you need. But solar charging can also be quite slow.

Or at least that used to be the case.

On the last day of August, the global solar power leader, Jackery, released a product that may change the game entirely. It's the Solar Generator 1000 Pro, an upgrade of the manufacturer's previous model.

The Solar Generator 1000 Pro represents the ultimate solution when it comes to capturing and using solar energy. It's a revolutionary product that makes solar charging completely safe and, most importantly, faster than ever.

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What is the Solar Generator 1000 Pro?

In essence, the Solar Generator 1000 Pro came into existence when Jackery took its famous Solar Generator 1000 and gave it a full upgrade.

The new product can do everything the old one did, only better. The generator consists of two crucial components: the SolarSaga 200W solar panels and the Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station.

The solar panels, four in total, collect solar energy and convert it into power. The electric energy is transferred to the power station which receives and stores it. Finally, the station provides a power output that can be used for various purposes.

All of this might sound familiar to anyone conversant with solar charging systems. However, the strongest point of the Solar Generator 1000 Pro is efficiency and speed.

Ultra Fast-Charging in 1.8 hours

The system can be charged to full capacity in less than two hours â€" 1.8 hours precisely, according to the manufacturer. This is due to the generator's advanced Ultra-Charging operation. Due to this technology, the solar panels can produce an input of up to 800 watts which facilitates rapid charging.

But the Solar Generator 1000 has another advantage: it can be charged via a wall socket. And to illustrate the speed of the solar charging system, wall charging will take the same amount of time as solar.

Completely safe for worry-free use

Jackery has always focused on making its products safe. Of course, the same approach has been taken when building the Solar Generator 1000 Pro.

The power station, Explorer 1000 Pro, comes with a cutting-edge BMS system that provides smart control over each battery pack and even individual cells. Constant battery monitoring means longer life, but that's not all this power station has in store.

Temperature control is also included to prevent overheating. The system is built to dissipate excess heat quickly and effectively, making the Solar Generator 1000 Pro even more secure.

In terms of power input and output, the generator features specialized AC ports that provide a steady stream of electricity via pure sine waves. This means that everything connected to the generator is completely safe from surges and protected from damage.

But the Solar Generator 1000 Pro isn't only safe for use. The casing of the power station is designed to be as convenient and reliable as possible.

In particular, the Explorer 1000 Pro has a highly shock-resistant design, making it function without a hitch on most surfaces, regardless of how uneven they may be. In fact, you can use this solar powerhouse while driving on a bumpy road and its performance won't change in the slightest.

Finally, there was plenty of focus on making the generator extremely quiet. When charging, the Explorer 1000 Pro power station produces a noise level lower than 46 dB. In comparison, the average loudness of a bird's call is about 44 dB, while the background noise at a restaurant can reach 60 dB.

In other words, it's safe to say that the Solar Generator 1000 Pro charges almost noiselessly.

Compact and easy to handle

The Explorer 1000 Pro is a robust power station built to function seamlessly under challenging conditions. However, that sturdy build doesn't prevent the station from being convenient for handling.

The casing is designed ergonomically with a folding handle that makes it extremely easy to transport. Surprisingly for its power, the Explorer 1000 Pro has relatively small dimensions. The power station measures approximately 340 x 262 x 256 mm (13.4 x 10.3 x 10 inches).

Even better, the station isn't heavy at all, weighing about 11.5 kg or 25 pounds. While that weight will be restrictive in terms of walking around with the station, picking it up and transferring it won't present a challenge.

The compact design makes the Solar Generator 1000 Pro ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or fishing trips, camping, and much more.

Next-generation solar panels

The Solar Generator 1000 Pro comes with either four SolarSaga 200W or two SolarSaga 80W panels. SolarSaga 80W has double-side absorption and represents the latest development in solar power technology.

These photovoltaic panels are the first in the world to receive certification from TÜV Rheinland, a leading testing company dealing in quality, safety, and sustainability. That's why it's no surprise that the SolarSaga panels provide exceptional performance, boosting efficiency by 25%.

The panels are as impressive on the inside as on the outside. They're made of a reflective material that further boosts the use of solar power.

Best of all, these solar panels are built to last even in harsh conditions. They are dustproof and waterproof and stay practically intact even under prolonged heavy rain.

Built for long and versatile service

The Solar Generator 1000 Pro is made to gather energy and provide plenty of power for long periods.

Besides being very fast to charge, this solar power station can remain on standby for no less than an entire year. And that's with its battery level at 80%.

The generator can be fully charged 1,000 times, which means it can last for a decade if used once a week. The upgraded Solar Generator 1000 Pro supports 100W USB input, meaning the 1000 Pro can charge your phone and laptop much faster.

A technological breakthrough right in your home

Possibly the best news about the Solar Generator 1000 Pro is that you can order it right now. This revolutionary product comes with a full five-year warranty and can be pre-ordered from Amazon. There's even a bonus: the first 300 people who order the Solar Generator 1000 Pro from Jackery's website or Amazon stores across Europe will receive free gifts.

If you don't want to wait any longer to hold the future of solar power in your hands, it's time to take action.

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