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Thursday, 1 September 2022

Microsoft reveals Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan - including price

A leak recently revealed Microsoft is testing a family plan for its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service, with select Xbox Insiders able to pay one monthly fee for up to five Xbox profiles to access Game Pass. The prospective new tier allowed more than just family members to share membership. Xbox reportedly called it "Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family". Now, Microsoft has gone official with its new scheme.

Microsoft is launching a new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan in Ireland and Colombia. The company said its new subscription tier will allow Xbox Game Pass members to share with up to four other friends or family.

Keep in mind Microsoft currently offers Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass for $9.99 per month in the US. Those don't offer online multiplayer capabilities, but you can upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 to unlock Game Pass for console, PC, EA Play access, and Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer. Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family will include Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for four other friends or family members. That's five in total.

It costs 49,900 COP in Colombia and €21.99 per month in Ireland (instead of the regular €12.99 per month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). That means you can expect to pay less than €5 per month per person to share all the  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits you'd expect. It's not limited to family members, either. The only restriction is that people must be added to the Friends and Family plan, and they need to be in the same country. 

Future countries and regions might be added in the next months, according to Microsoft's FAQ. The company hasn't announced pricing for the US, UK, or Europe yet, but it'll likely cost around $25 per month in the US.

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